Do you feel you are getting your money's worth from your Ferragamo shoes?

  1. How to protect the sole of my varina?

    I read about resole-ing, what is it and where to get it done?
  2. I love my patent varinas and sissi wedges - comfortable and makes my wide but short feet look more slim and elegant. So yes, definitely worth the money to me.
    Littlemisskiera - the SF boutique told me they resole their own shoes - I got a rough quote a couple of years ago for £70 and the store would send it to their factory in Italy and takes about 6 weeks.
  3. Absolutely love them. I only wear Ferragamo shoes unless it is raining.
  4. +1
    Definitely. Love my Ferragamo flats, wedges, and heels.
  5. I wear only Ferragamo and TB (and Havaianas, but it's different story), and I think Ferragamo gives best bang for my bucks. I ahad hand-me-down from my mom bought in 80s, and the varas still look GOOD and current (well, except there's small difference in heel construction with current model).

    Funny that you dont wear Ferragamo when it's raining. For me, patent vara is the way to go for rainy season.
  6. Thank you every single one of you for your input!! I really appreciate it!

    Well, I am answering my own question, I could not stay away from Ferragamo..just bought this pair at the Seravalle outlet mall in Italy. It's calf leather so I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed that she wil be very comfortable, with minimal break-in time.. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1450818884.538300.jpg

  7. Lovely pair Chinese Warrior! Hehe....I couldn't stay away too!
  8. Two pairs from Hong Kong. Both at 50% off, who could resist? 🙂 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1451188519.196324.jpg
  9. Gorgeous pairs, nvie!!! I have not seen these in the stores before, you chose well!

  10. Gorgeous pairs, nvie!!! I have not seen these in the stores before, you chose well!

  11. Thank you Chinese Warrior. PIM 30 or more commonly known as Vara Chain is a classic design. Combination leather, such as patent and calf or suede and calf are seasonal items. That black pair is from AW2015.

    Lola, the pair on the right is also from AW2015.
  12. Only 3 mins from home to bus stop first time wearing and this happened. Went straight to the store to show the SAs.
  13. They didn't say its manufacturing fault but ask to be repaired. Got home and the left side of the shoe was worst. My shoes from CLARKS didn't even spilt after 2 years, still hanging tough.
  14. I have 2 pairs and love them, though I do have narrow feet and go up 1/2 size. Good luck with them!
  15. Hello ladies, im currently wearing a 8c varina calf leather. Should i go for 7.5 or stay as 8 for a D width?