Do Chanel shoes run true to size?

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  1. Do any websites sell them?
  2. my ballet flats are 35-37! crazy huh? my best fit is 36-36.5 but when i want a shoe and my size is sold out, i'll go up AND down in size!!! the classic flats run a little small, and the cambons have more give and room. The cambons are super comfy, but don't rely on them for support or anytihng like that...they are good for lunch, shopping or a quick run to the grocery store!
  3. Has anyone seen any to be purchased lately? TIA!
  4. I'm wondering the same thing, airress. The only ones I can find are on Ebay!
  5. i saw some at the chanel boutique in tysons II, virginia.
    i didn't check the sizes of these though, but it's worth a call!
  6. Yeah..I got mine at the South Coast Plaza store a few weeks ago but they weren't on sale, they were about $530 I think? They do have a bit of a heel, similar to the heel on the classic flats though, so maybe that's the newer version. In that version, the store only had the white/black and black/black patent.
    They're SO comfortable! I walk quite a bit at school and besides pinching my toes a bit since I'm not used to closed toe shoes, I haven't had any problem wearing them!
  7. like i said earlier, when i got mine, my size was sold out, so i went up a size, hence the inserts! these are my beige and black ones...

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  8. I have those! Mine are all black and I went up two sizes, they were so small!
  9. I found a pair of boots I am DYING to buy but I'm concerned about fit. Does I usually go up a size in Manolo's, do I have to do the same with Chanels?

    Any help will be appreciated. Unfortunately, I don't have the option of trying them on in a boutique (or store)

  10. Ivy, I have two pairs of Chanel shoes. They are both size 39. I'm a US 7 1/2 and in Manolo's I normally wear a 38.5. Hope that didn't confuse you more.
  11. Thanks Mon. So what do you think - I wear a 9, a 40 in Manolo's. Do you think a 40 in Chanel would fit?

    ETA - I'm guessing no..........
  12. I normally wear a size 8, but got a size 39 in Chanel boots, so I think a 40 would be perfect!
  13. They might work Ivy, are your feet narrow?
  14. In boots..I tend to go up either a HALF size or A FULL size in depends on whether they are pointy toed or round toed etc..You really need to try them on..Half my Chanels are 39..the other half are 39 1/2
  15. Chanel shoes run small. I'm an 8 and a half and need a size 10 in Chanel. I would recommend you have your foot measured and the SA should be able to figure out the correct size for you.