Do Chanel shoes run true to size?

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  1. All of my chanels are smaller (except for the boots)
  2. I agree- Chanel shoes run a bit small.
  3. I think they are true to size.
  4. I bought regular size and wish I had l/2 size bigger!
  5. I agree w/ the majority, they run a tad small!
  6. How do they run? A little on the small side, a little big, or pretty true to size?

  7. I want to throw another question in here...are they comfortable and do they hold up well?
  8. Mines run a little small. I'm a true ten. I bought my flats in a 40, but I needed like another half an inch for them to be completely comfortable.
  9. normally they run a bit small, I don't think they're comfy personally.
  10. It's a bit like walking in slippers all day. They are only supposed to be used for short shopping trips. At least the cambons are. I wore them to work a lot because I didn't want to walk around barefoot.
  11. hehe- I've always liked them, esp. in this pic:

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  12. I just got the black/black patent cambons the other day. I needed a pair of shoes that were nice and comfy for walking around campus all day. They're REALLY comfortable and true to size (for me, at least). My mom has the ones with the contrasting cap toe color and the CC's just stitched on..those run true to size for her too.
  13. TTS for me. I am a 9 - 9.5.
  14. For me, I'm usually a 39.5/40. However, for the classic ballet flats (not the cambon), I bought a 40.5. So yes, they do run a little small.

  15. a 9.5 is my usual exact size, not roomy,not tight so for the ballet flats should get a 10 or a 10.5?