Do Chanel shoes run true to size?

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  1. A little big? Small? Or just right? :idea:

    Thanks. Specifically the flats, actually.
  2. i don't have any flats but the shoes i bought or tried on in the store where 0.5-1 size bigger than my usual shoe size.
  3. Hate to complicate things, but for me, they've been the usual size (Mary Jane flats)
  4. lol Thanks! Hopefully we'll get some other opinions, too.
  5. I wear a 6.5 or 7 in American sized shoes...and I'm a 38 in Chanel so I guess I went up a little in size. Good luck! J'adore Chanel.
  6. I have a pair of Cambon flats, and they run pretty true to size for me. Maybe it's best to find out what the exact measurements are because different shoes/styles from the same designer sometimes fit differently.
  7. I also tend to go up 1/2 size in Chanel.
  8. Can someone tell me how true to size chanel shoes run? I wear flats alot and I thought it would be cute to get some Chanel ones. I'm an 8.5 usually, rarely an 8. I've noticed J.Crew runs big, so I wear an 8 with them. Thanks!
  9. Chanel runs small

    I'm usually a 8 and my chanel shoes are always 9
  10. I think they run pretty true-to-size.

    I'm a 35.5/36 in most European designers and I'm a 36 in Chanel.
  11. I'd say they generally run true to size, also, except for the occasional half size-larger than true-to-size for some shoes.
  12. I am a US size 11 and though many say 41 is an 11...I have never been able to fit a size 41 in any high end designer. I wear a 42 in Chanel which to me is a true US 11. A 41 is a size 10 or maybe 10.5 in my opinion.
  13. I think they tend to run small too. I have to buy I size up.
  14. OK- I own about 35 pairs of Chanels.( yes..I am worse with shoes!!).I am an 8 1/2 normally BUT in Chanel slides(OPEN TOE) I am a 9 Pointy toe flats-I need a 9 1/2-each style varies..Good luck...i love all my shoes and live in them..I just got the cutest Chanel blck flip-flops at cute! and VERY COMFY!
  15. For those of you who owns Chanel shoes, do they fit true to size? I wear size 5.5, what size would I buy? TIA.