Do Chanel shoes run true to size?

I have a pair of Cambon flats, and they run pretty true to size for me. Maybe it's best to find out what the exact measurements are because different shoes/styles from the same designer sometimes fit differently.
Can someone tell me how true to size chanel shoes run? I wear flats alot and I thought it would be cute to get some Chanel ones. I'm an 8.5 usually, rarely an 8. I've noticed J.Crew runs big, so I wear an 8 with them. Thanks!
I am a US size 11 and though many say 41 is an 11...I have never been able to fit a size 41 in any high end designer. I wear a 42 in Chanel which to me is a true US 11. A 41 is a size 10 or maybe 10.5 in my opinion.
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OK- I own about 35 pairs of Chanels.( yes..I am worse with shoes!!).I am an 8 1/2 normally BUT in Chanel slides(OPEN TOE) I am a 9 Pointy toe flats-I need a 9 1/2-each style varies..Good luck...i love all my shoes and live in them..I just got the cutest Chanel blck flip-flops at cute! and VERY COMFY!