Do Chanel shoes run true to size?

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  1. Small ! i'm usually a true 9 and I could easily wear a 40/41 in any Chanel shoe .
  2. I go up one full size...
  3. What's a short shopping trip ;). Seriously, I was thinking of getting a pair but if they're not comfortable, I'll pass.
  4. That's what's recommended in the care book. You're not supposed to be walking around in them outside a lot. The mall is ok, inside is ok, but you should keep walking outside in them at a minimum.
  5. the run a little small for me. i have the black with white CC's in size 7 and i'm usually a size 6.5
  6. Which ones, just the regular ballet flats or the cambons?
    And are yours completely flat or do they have the bit of a heel? My black/black patent cambon ones have a bit of a heel.
  7. I really want some cambon flats. Where's the best place to buy them online?
  8. i have the classic beige/black ones and they were true to size for me... on the smaller side though
  9. True to size for me, and like running around in slippers - the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn!
  10. I'm thinking about trying a pair and if I do, this is the combo I'd really want. I do go shopping quite a bit and I could always wear them when I'm in the office.
  11. I agree, they run true to size for me too.
  12. I have both. Cambon and classic ones. For me both of them seems to come true to size and Cambons are a bit looser then classic.
    Both of them are becoming looser over the time.
    I find classic ones to be more comfy then Cambon, may be because they have a bit of heel. :smile: I am through the second pair of classic and would get them again:yes: Actually it is possible to make classic ballerinas tighter or looser by tightening or loosening of the string. :flowers:
  13. I have quite a few ballet flats and they all run a size smaller. I normally wear a 40 but always have to buy the 41 or even 41 1/2 in Chanel. The only time I wear true to size is in the sport line when I get the running shoes.
  14. Is it true that you can't find these for sale anymore?
  15. shelleym, both cambon and the regular classic ballet flats are still for sale in boutiques.