Dior Shoes

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  1. Guys, can someone advise me about sizing in these? On the website they are part of a men collection, but I've heard that it's unisex. They are in Italian sizing. I am usually 38.5 in Italian women size. I ordered 39 in these, it was the last pair. Now I am worried if it's men's 39? Any advice is appreciated.

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  2. They run half a size large to standard size 39
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  3. IMG_4547.JPG IMG_4541.JPG IMG_4542.JPG IMG_4543.JPG IMG_4544.JPG IMG_4545.JPG IMG_4546.JPG IMG_4548.JPG
  4. I need to order a pair of these.
  5. IMG_6324.JPG IMG_6323.JPG IMG_6322.JPG IMG_6319.JPG IMG_6317.JPG
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  7. All of these (except for the black D-connect) are part of the Golden Capsule
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  8. TY for this info as it’s very helpful for me as a deciding factor. If I may ask, would you happen to have narrow or wide feet? I considered those Chanel slingbacks for many years but never tried them on. Now these J’adior slingbacks are slowly creeping back into my peripherals.

  9. My feet is probably on the wide side of normal, but I generally don't have any issues with normal width. The J'adior slingbacks are on the wide side, which is probably what makes them so comfy.
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  10. IMG_6450.JPG IMG_6480.JPG IMG_6476.JPG IMG_6473.JPG IMG_6475.JPG IMG_6471.JPG IMG_6470.JPG IMG_6469.JPG IMG_6468.JPG IMG_6467.JPG
  11. IMG_6398.JPG
    These sandals are an excellent idea. They are made out of Mitzah scarfs which can be replaced. Change the scarf and you have new sandals
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  13. I’m happy if it helps someone
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  14. Curious to know if anyone has the dior mules and if they’re comfy. Is the sole like hermes orans or softer? Are the tops of the shoes comfy? These are so cute! TIA! IMG_5478.JPG
  15. The soles have a slight cushion to them, similar to Orans. The tops are thick embroidered so they are structured but still flexible. I found them comfy!
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