Dior Shoes

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  1. Brilliant idea! I love Dior shoes. I shall snap a few pics and contribute to this thread :smile:
  2. image.jpeg
  3. WOW! What a gorgeous shade of metallic pink!
  4. Thank you, AJ!
    I only have a few but I love them. Unfortunately I had to put them away for the winter.
  5. Sorry about the huge pics. I still have to learn how to post properly :shame:
  6. So contemporary! They must also be so comfortable b/c they are almost a wedge!
  7. I know what you mean. In Toronto where I'm from, the streets and sidewalks are covered with salt when the weather is nice, and slushy/snowy for days after a snowfall. All of these things are terrible for nice leather shoes, so I usually don't wear them at this time.

    Gorgeous! And the bigger the pics, the better :biggrin:
  8. Does anyone have any experience with the fit of the beautiful quilted Dior ballet flats and perhaps an idea of the price point ?
  9. I am sorry I can't help you on that one. I prefer the Chanel version. I am sure someone else will stop by and let us know :smile:
  10. Toronto is one of my fav cities. So many nice memories... :smile:
    And yes, winter is terrible. I am in boots nowadays. I do not own any from Dior though.
    I shall be back with more pics in a couple of days. I have family visiting and I don't want to look crazy taking pics of all my shoes :biggrin:
  11. :lol: They won't understand our love for our accessories :biggrin:

    I wore a brand new pair of Ferragamos on Friday because I really wanted to wear them, against my better judgement. It was a bright Sunny day with no snow on the ground. Unfortunately the salt on the ground has covered the leather around the lower portion of the shoe. I spent a lot of time cleaning it, but it's not perfect like before. I learned my lesson.
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1453780488.812710.jpg i just picked these up from Neiman's the other day! They were sold out of every size but had one in Florida, so I just snagged them. I admit it was an impulse buy, but totally worth it!!
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  13. How beautiful! :smile: