Dior Shoes

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  1. I'll have to see if any of the major department stores ordered them if not I need a personal shopper!
  2. Hello @Sheikha Latifa, do you recommend using Shop n Ship? I live in Australia, Do stores in Italy accept international creditcards online ??
  3. May I know whether the sizing run the same for patent, velvet, mesh and leather in dior J’adior the same?thanks! ;)

  4. Mesh and velvet are the same, leather a tiny bit narrower, and patent narrower still. I'm usually a 36 (European/Italian sizing) but I take 35 or 35.5 for the J'adior shoes.
  5. Thanks for the answer! Any idea about fabric? I have the mesh jdior, do you think for fabric it will run the same or should I go 1/2 size bigger?
  6. The only fabric I have is velvet, which fit the same as the mesh, as I posted above.
  7. I use shop’n’ship for deliveries to Dubai. It takes a long time but I think mostly because of our local slow service
    I have an account with a UK bank and have no problem ordering from anywhere
    Actually, the only country where I had a problem with online orders was Australia. It’s like they never have foreigners ordering food there.
    What you should bear in mind is that you may face double taxation - you will pay tax at the place of purchase and your local tax as the case may be. I’m not sure about your laws. Anyway, please share your experience. I’m moving to Australia soon and already dreading all this...
  8. Thanks a lot @Sheikha Latifa and Welcome to Australia [emoji4][emoji4]
  9. They went on sale now BTW
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  10. How beautiful!I like it!

  11. What?!?! Omg!!!
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    I've been wearing my '00s Gaucho sandals again :nuts: .

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  13. Hi everyone, has anyone tried out their dioramour flats? I would like to purchase a pair online, do you know how they run in size & anything about the fit? :smile:

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  14. Saw these shoes on Dior.com Dior Absolu suede mules. I am in love but they are $890! They would be perfect for Fall.
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  15. The sizes are not the same for the mesh and patent J’adior sling back .
    For me thr Mesh 36.5 / patent 37.

    Better try them on in the store before you make ur purchase.
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