Dior Shoes

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    I personally found them not comfy. The top is hard and digging into my skin. But I have a high arch and wide feet
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  2. Looks like I’ll need to try them on in the store! I am ok with orans for a few hours at a time but I do also have high arches and wide feet so I can also see the canvas digging into the top of my feet. Thanks for the feedback! :smile:
  3. I posted in the latest purchase thread but thought I should do it here as well. Dway slippers :heart:

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  4. Wow I love the gold! Very pretty combination of colours.
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  5. Another version of the Mitzah sandals. Aren’t they cute

    And more

    IMG_6755.JPG IMG_6759.JPG IMG_6760.JPG
  6. IMG_6755.JPG
  7. They come in nude and black
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  8. Ohhh good to know. I almost thought they were blush.
  9. I didn’t check the price. I may but these are in Dubai
  10. Oh this may be blush actually
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  11. Haha now I need to find out if they are available in the US!!
  12. I'm devastated... my SA just told me that they were only ordered in Black. Sigh...
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  13. I have 2 solutions for you:

    1. Order in Europe and use shop’n’ship
    2. Come to Dubai

    Or use a personal shopper :smile:
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