Dior Shoes

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  1. Lol. Thanks. I did not manage to try the Chanel slingbacks but I think they look more comfortable. I’m was looking at Dior because I am somewhat obsessed with the J’adior ribbon. I am also afraid that the J’adior slingbacks would be a phase. The Chanel slingbacks being classics.
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  2. I wouldn't worry as much about the timelessness of shoes, because their soles get heavily worn and by the time a shoe style looks "outdated", the shoe itself would have so much wear and tear that it would be time to retire the shoe anyway.

    The J'ADIOR shoes are here to stay for many more seasons, as they are Maria Grazia Chiuri's cult classic at Dior. I say get what you like the look of more, and wear them frequently to get as much mileage out of them as possible so there are no regrets when the shoes are no longer considered trendy years later.
  3. Good points. Thanks!
  4. I really need to try on the Chanel slingbacks and compare comfort level.
  5. Bought the shoe and it’s the Chanel slingback. While I still love the ribbon J’adior, it was not comfortable for me.
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  6. My new Sneakers to match that throw lol

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  7. Love! I haven’t seen these in person
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  8. :nuts:I love these so much! Congratulations!
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  9. Thank you

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  10. They are gorgeous so hopefully you can find one!!!

  11. If you ever put on the navy lace, please please please share it here toooooo [emoji7][emoji7]
  12. Was looking at a pair of silver metallic Chanel slingbacks. Anyone know if metallic is durable or will it peel/chip off?
  13. I think this question will receive a more accurate answer in the Chanel forum.
  14. Yes, I'm very sorry. Posted in wrong forum. No wonder I couldn't find the post in the Chanel forum.
  15. I have both the J'adior (3 flats and 1 mid heel in patent, velvet, mesh, leather (lambskin?)) and Chanel slingback (1 flat nude with black captoe). I think the J'adiors are soooo much more comfortable -- no breaking in needed. The Chanel slingback hurt after a few hours of wearing.
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