Dior Shoes

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  1. Available in Dubai at MOE (I posted this in the Designer Trainers thread)
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  2. Are Dior shoes made in Italy or France, specifically the J’adior slingbacks.
  3. Are dior shoes kind to ladies with bunion?
  4. Not all of them. As a sister-in-bunionship, I can tell you that I tried on all those that were on sale. The only style that worked for me was this:[​IMG]
    Because they come in width D.
    I also wanted to buy these:[​IMG]. But the rubber strip makes them narrow and painful in the bunion area.
    Also, the edge is often located strategically in the middle of the bunion and cuts into it. I often try on and rarely buy
  5. Thanks dear!
    I'm actually eyeing the sneakers. Also looking at their J'adior pumps and flats. I thought they look comfy! Thanks for sharing with me. I really love Dior shoes. It's disappointing that I can only wear limited designs.
  6. Are any of the Dior shoes classics or are they seasonal?
  7. I dont think they have any classic pAir like chanel
  8. I'm so torn between the J'adior and Chanel slingbacks. I can only get one. Help. Which one should I choose?
  9. Can you show mod photos in both?
    Honestly, even though I’m a loyal Dior customer, I find Chanel shoes more comfortable
  10. I know what they look like, I meant what they look like on you [emoji4]
    I tried them on again yesterday (I mean, Dior). But no. The patent leather is too stiff, the plain ones have really tough edges. But I’m hard to please, I have wide feet
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  12. I have both of these slingbacks and honestly Chanel is more comfortable and dior is too narrow because of pointed toe

    I love anything Dior but in this case Chanel wins
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  13. Oh
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