Coach Fall 2012 Non-Legacy Thread

  1. Thank you so much for this thread!! I mean no offense to anyone’s tastes, but Legacy is not for moi. I am primarily a Madison girl and happy to know more are coming!

    Now what is that gorgeous red like fire bag in the photo up there?
  2. which ones?
  3. I want that brown pleated Caroline or Lindsey, those are gorgeous!
  4. It is the a must have for me
  5. i have to agree with everyone that misses the large sophia!! what a beauty she was. i should have bought more than one while i had the chance!:crybaby:
  6. This should be interesting.

    though none of these bags/colors specifically appeals to me I am SOOOOOO glad to see fall pictures of something other than Legacy. I was so worried there would be nothing else!

    Kath, a small Caroline would TDF!! Is it too much to ask the Coach gods?
  7. Stunning!
  8. Same here. And I voiced that opinion on the Legacy thread and got my head bitten off. So I am SUPER excited to have this thread to focus on the non-Legacy bags! Thank you so much for starting this and giving us our own little home to share the new stuff!!!

  9. hey, quick question.. so is caroline coming out in a smaller size? that would be pretty awesome if it is!
  10. I'm looking forward to more legacy this fall, but still love Madison :smile:

    There are several new Madison styles coming out for Oct - the Carrie, which is described as a tote (#21227); the Annabel, described as a cross body (#21241); and the Juliette, which is described as a satchel (#21222).

    No pictures of any of these yet, unfortunately, but I'm def going to try to keep an eye on anything that turns up.... Also keeping my fingers crossed that the Carrie is the mini Caroline - esp since it is "only" $498 :smile:

    I've also heard that there will be patent leather Willis bags in brass/crimson and silver/cobalt for Nov. no photos to be found yet, but the style #s are 21244 for the normal size, 21246 for the mini, and 22061 for the city.

    (I posted this in the other fall thread, so apologies if you've all seen this already!)
  11. Yes, it is!! :heart:
  12. Thanks for starting this thread!

    I'm so glad to have something aside from Legacy for fall. I'm just not a fan- Madison is much more my style. I'm SO happy that there are new Madison pieces on the way!
  13. Thanks so much! PLEASE post any pix or DD's if you hear of any! Katherine
  14. so is the smaller size caroline still going to be called caroline still?
  15. I like the Legacy, but I LOVE me some Madison!! Can't wait :smile:!