Coach Fall 2012 Non-Legacy Thread

  1. I think someone said Carrie?? I guess we don't know yet...
  2. Okay that would be too cute.
  3. Kath I tried to post to support you over there but I can't post to TPF from my work computer, I tried about 6 times!! Anyway, I'm home today and totally agreed with your post and there was nothing wrong with what you said.

    It almost made me start another thread about non-Legacy that wasn't titled as nice as this one LOL.
  4. Oh be still my heart and THANK YOU for posting this!!!!! FREAKING SWEET!!!!! Waiting anxiously for more updates on this!!

  5. can't wait to see the crimson willis!!
  6. Any idea if the Juliette #21222 is a N/S or E/W type of satchel? And crimson sounds good.
  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I,too, have the most recent PCE expiring on Sunday and have just not be GRABBED by any of the Legacy line...I did purchase the colorblocked Willis a few months ago to take on a trip (and do love it)- but I want something else. Love the Lindseys, Sophias...well...the Madison lines...thrilled to see the new colours for the Isabelle.
    If I call JAX, do you think I can order the magenta/silver that is due to come out 8/14 and use the PCE?
    I am DYING for some more purple!!!
  8. Can't wait to see any & all dd's as they come available...
  9. OMG is the mini Caroline for real? I thought it was just wishful thinking on our part. But if Carrie is a tote, then that would not be the mini Caroline. Wonder if Juliette is replacing Sophia. I love Sophia but am ready for a new satchel style
  10. The mini Caroline is def for real. Im not 100% sure what the name is -- I originally guessed it might be the Carrie since that would be cute, but if Coach worked like that, we'd have the Lindsey/Lynn instead of the Lindsey/Sophia, so maybe not... The Juliette satchel, maybe?

    Apparently there are no pix in the system yet of the new Oct silhouettes, so it's hard to match names with styles or even fully visualize what each style will be like.... :sad:
  11. I'm particularly excited to see the new Willis colors and materials - patent leather just sounds so great :biggrin:
  12. I'm hoping for some new Sophia colors and textures, especially if they are non patent, and would probably order a silver / black Willis in regular leather. I didn't like the brass on the original black Willis.
  13. This is exciting. The legacy collection is growing on me but I am still a Madison lover at heart. I'll look forward to seeing this new styles.
  14. Originally Posted by adaorange View Post
    well i just posted this over in the other thread but here's the info i got on the phone today:

    i'm going to add the info I got from Jax about upcoming Isabelle colors:
    black/silver available 8/23
    magenta/silver (svmj) available 8/14
    mahogany/brass- unknown availability
    jade/silver- unknown availability
    citron/silver- unknown availabilty

    I'm so excited about the Isabelle and the colors it will be coming in. I bought the Persimmon when it came out, but it still has tags on it as I am not in love with the color. I haven't returned it as I was afraid they weren't doing any more of them and that color was better than nothing. I will be the 1st one in line to exchange it for the mahogany when it is available:smile:
  15. Same here!