CL Authenticity FAQ: What NOT to Look For!

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  1. Oh wow, ok. That's interesting. It does help, ty so much! :smile:
  2. Laureen--you are amazing. Your post was a great read; I really appreciate all the work you put into it!!!!
  3. Thanks Laureen!:happydance::urock:
  4. Thanks for directing me here, after reading every post I'm afraid I'll still be afraid to pass on the authenticity myself so will continue to defer to the wisdom of you and all the other wise ones;)
  5. Oh, I wish I would have seen this post before my post. This is sooooooooooooooooo helpful Laureen, thanks and thanks again:biggrin:!
    I guess my post still had another question about sizing, so I shouldn't feel so bad that I posted the question about the stamp too. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!
  6. :bump:
  7. Very helpful. thanks.
  8. This is great information...Just a heads up...based on the information I believe and selling replicas...
  9. ^^ Yes there are selling fakes. :yes:

    And they ripped off the photos from the real CL site. :rtr:
  10. And pinkfootwear stole Natural Gas Girl's photo too....
  11. :bump:
  12. Sometimes it has been seen than replicas are delivered with orangy satin dustbags, can you guys confirm that Real one are never ever coupled with some of these ?
  13. ^^^i've never received an orange satin dustbag with any of my CLs ..

    His dustbags are a red fuzzy feltish material
  14. this is great , thanks!
  15. :urock: Laureen!!