CL Authenticity FAQ: What NOT to Look For!

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  1. Awesome Laureen, thanks for all that effort.
  2. Wonderful stuff, Laureen! This definitely needs to be stickied, it can help put people's minds at rest (even though we all know we're still going to have questions about these type of things anyway :P)
  3. This thread is fantastic Laureen! Thank you for all of your effort in puting it together.
    I hope it becomes a sticky! :tup:
  4. Laureen, you did an outstanding job with this thread. I think it needs to be a sticky. Very useful information and it should save a lot of unnecessary questions.
  5. Awesome posts, Laureen! :tup::tup: Very informative!
  6. awesome thread laureen!!! very helpful!!!
  7. this is great!! :tup: thank you so much laureen for taking the time to put this together! :urock:
  8. What a great resource this is!! Thanks Laureen :flowers:
  9. Awesome thread, Laureen! Thank you for taking the time to make such an informative thread!
  10. Great work Laureen! This information is very helpful!
  11. Awesome idea, Laureen!!! :tup: :idea:
  12. Laureen.......:urock:
  13. Thanks Laureen for taking the time to put this together! :flowers::urock:
  14. Thank you for taking the time to do this Laureen. Great thread !
  15. Excellent thread - thank you! :tup: