CL Authenticity FAQ: What NOT to Look For!

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  1. fantastic post laureen!!

    also wanted to add another item, which i just discovered (although it's totally possible this was common knowledge & piggy has been living under a rock :P): dustbags for espadrilles are no longer red, they are now white with red printing:


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  2. ^^Thanks for the info! Previously, dust bags were not included w/ espadrilles.
  3. Ah! They should include these white dustbags with all the white satin wedding shoes, too!
  4. oh brilliant! hehe . . . as you can see piggy has only just got 'round to purchasing her first pair . . . :P
  5. I've seen a couple of CLs come with white Dustbags now. I like the idea of not getting red lint all over my shoe shapers.
  6. Oh I LOVE this.. the red makes me paranoid too. I always make sure there is a few layers of tissue paper between my shoes and the red dustbag!!
  7. hi ladies, i have seen a few shoes listed as new and with the protective plastic still on the soles - none of my new shoes have ever come with plastic on the soles - is this a sign of a fake?
  8. I am going to bump also. This is SUCH a helpful thread and I, for one, would love for it to be a sticky. It would help with so many questions about authenticity that we have an immediate need to answer. I am so grateful for this one and am constantly hunting it down in the forum! Thanks ladies!

  9. I can finally breathe!! My lovely lovely honey bought be a pair of Bianca's for Christmas. It was my first pair and they had the tag on the back although the quality was amazing I was so scared that he might have been cheated on ebay. Of course when he found out he was mortified since he paid close to the original price for them, he was so upset he has been looking into Neiman Marcus online to get me another pair :heart: ...
    hmm.. maybe I should keep my mouth shut about my current discovery :angel: so I can score my second pair!

    Thank you for this thread, literally after all the research that tag in the back was the last confirmation I needed.
  10. Yay for stickies! Thanks, ladies :flowers:....
  11. ^^You're welcome! :smile:
  12. This may sound extremely stupid but what is a sticky or a bump? Sorry i've never understood :sad: Thanks!
  13. Please remember to keep the info in this thread very general and do not give away too much about how to discern fakes. Sadly, we have a lot of fakers lurking here and using this information to better deceive buyers. Thanks! Safe and happy shopping! :flowers:
  14. Thank you thank you THANK YOU! Quite helpful in what we should look for and not look for! Thanks a mill! :smile: