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  1. Wildorchids...
    Hon, I know that right now you feel like the world is falling in on you. It's very hard to deal with ONE of these issues, never mind all at once on top of one another.
    Only one day at a time can ever begin to help heal the loss of someone we love. And I pray that you will find peace one day.
    And now, despite the multi-zillion dollar high-tech testing equipment that we have, you must endure two long weeks of waiting for results. Oh good grief! But, get your chin up and think positive thoughts here as well. And when they tell you 2 weeks from now... "oh it's no big deal, sorry for the scare", just go ahead and beat the hell out of somebody for making you sit and wait! Take your CL heels & a paddy purse with you, those can do some damage!:yes:

    We are here for you and we will ALL be praying for your good health AND that you will find some comfort in knowing there are so many who DO CARE. :heart:
  2. Wildorchids...I am so sorry to hear about your friend and about your own medical issues. As good as today's modern technology is, the waiting game is often the hardest to endure. This could very well be a false alarm, however. Even though I am not an expert in this field, I did have a couple friends who found lumps, went thru the whole process and discovered that they were benign.

    So, keep the positive thoughts. Positive thoughts bring positive energy. I am here for your support as well.:hugs:
  3. Wildorchid, bless your heart. I am along with all the others here wishing you the best and keeping you in my prayers. :heart:
  4. oh hunny,

    i wondered why i havent seen you around!

    keep poistive, wait until you have you biopsies done before worrying to much! easy to say i know. a radiographer can only see a abnormality they are not allowed to diagnose.

    you know where i am if you need to chat bags to take your mind of it ;)
  5. Im so sorry to hear of your friends passing and your current medical issues, I know this week will probably be one of the hardest in your life, but just know that we are all thinking of you and you are in our prayers. :flowers::heart:
  6. Wildorchids - i am so so sorry that this has happened. Firstly sorry about your friend and sorry to hear about your worries too. My thoughts are with you and lots of positive vibes too xx
  7. Wildorchids, thinking of you, hoping you can feel our positive vibes to lift your spirits even just a little. The loss of a friend is something that i have not experienced, but i can imagine the heartbreak. Try to remember the good times you had together. Those special moments when you talked and only she knew what you were feeling and you the same for her. Remember the times when something silly happened and you laughed so hard you had to stop and bend over clutching your stomach and even pee'd your panties in joy. Only you both what was so funny. Remember her love. She has not left you completely, she's here with you holding your hand and hugging you throughout your waiting for those results.
    All of us are waiting and hoping that all turns out ok for you. You're never alone girl, we are always here, someone to talk to. HUGGS !!
  8. Wildorchid, I realise that on the forum here, a lot of us don't really "know" each other on a very personal note, but I hope that you are able to draw support from all of your girlfriends here.

    I am sorry to hear about your friend, I hope that she had a personal relationship with GOD and that she is with him now, and no longer suffering.

    I was diagnosed with Chron's Disease last year, and can understand that getting any kind of abnormality result from a test is always a bit of a shock.

    It's okay to have a cry, but when you get your mind around it... do what needs to be done, whatever that may be, and stay positive. We will all be thinking of you. And I will be praying for you. xoxoxo
  9. Wild Orchids, I'm so sorry to hear of all you're going through. I've not met you on the forums before, but I've read from your other posts that you may by MIA from awhile, and of course that's understandable. Whenever you need time out however, everyone will be here to listen to you. :hugs:

    I'm a Paramedic and my position brings me the wonderful privilege of being invited into peoples' lives at their utter worst, and I can't count the number of times someone's said how refreshing it is to just unload onto an unbiased listener all their worries and problems, medical or otherwise. Whilst you may take time away from online life to concentrate upon real life, don't forget everyone here is that unbiased listener for you. We'll always be here, and will always listen and support you, even when others around you in The Real World can't. :yes:

    I wish I could send you the biggest hug right now, but since the best we can offer is words upon a screen, a bunch of pixels, I really mostly want to arrange mine right now to just tell you and show you you're not alone. If you can't sleep at night, there'll always be someone here, guaranteed - such is the wonder of international forums. We're all from different countries, different backgrounds, but all share human bodies and human fears. My pm box is always open, so if you want to vent or share, you're most welcome. :love:

    In terms of real advice, just wait to hear a further diagnosis. It's hard, I know. It's farking hard to try and put out of your mind something so heart-stopping as a lump, but all you have to go on right now is a radiographer's report upon something that needs investigation, so treat it as such. It's something that is being followed up upon, and if at all you can try and halt that rising panic and terror, recall at least that whilst there's a percentage of such reports that lead to a further diagnosis of malignancies, there's also a percentage that are exactly what they first appeared to be, non-malignant, fuzzy edges or not. All you know right now is what they've told you, until they're certain of what it is neither are you, so in the meantime drop the what-ifs as best you can and carry on and don't forget to breathe!

    Thinking of you. :heart:
  10. I wish I can send a :hugs: to each and every one of you wonderful ladies! I wasn't even sure I was making any sense from my post. I was rambling and all my thoughts were jumbled into a tight knot that was difficult to unravel. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and heart warming words of comfort. I have not cried since ... forever. I did not cry when I learned that I needed my first of 3 myomectomies. I did not cry when I was told my chances for having kids has been taken away. I don't know why. My mom has cried loads, but I always think, God never gives you more than you can handle. Crying does me no good.
    But, after reading all your posts and your pm's, you have brought me to tears. :crybaby: Thank you so much for being so kind to a "stranger". Those of you who don't know me may find it weird that I laugh, or joke about everything, but that is how I deal with life. Just like I told my mom, worse case scenario, I can have them removed, and put in fake boobs. I'll never be a victim of gravity. :yes:
    Anyway, I just received a call from my primary physician and he wants me to come in tomorrow so he can schedule and introduce me to a specialist. And we go from there.
    :smooch: :hugs: :smooch: to all of you!
  11. Let us know about your appointment tomorrow...
    We are all thinking of you... You'll have to start thinking about your next bag fix to cellebrate when you get your negative results!
    Big hugs from Madrid!
  12. Big hugs form Germany, too![​IMG] I am amazed at how you can still keep your sense of humour... We are here for your support, and I am glad that it somehow feels like support to you... I will keep my fingers crossed for you!
  13. WILDORCHIDS....I am sooo sorry for reading this soo late and for all that you have been through...

    I honestly don't know what to say but I do wish you the best and you will always be in my thoughts:crybaby::flowers:
  14. I went to my primary doctor yesterday, he says it's highly "suspective" and is recommending a biopsy. He's scheduling me to see a specialist.
    Shouldn't I request a full mammo before allowing them to do a biopsy? Now I'm confused. :confused1:
  15. Wildorchids - Oh, sorry to hear this, and I'm not sure on the full mammogram. The biopsy - will this be via ultrasound and needle, i.e., they guide the needle using the ultrasound, and you have a local anaesthetic? It may be best to speak with the actual specialist about the mammogram, although I imagine your primary doctor would be able to give you advice on this. Is it possible for you to get in touch with your doctor and ask to speak with him/her? That way you can more easily discuss the progression on to the specialist etc., and that you can be totally informed. Its your body - and so you must feel comfortable about the treatment and the way in which it is done. So if you want to ask for a full mammo - then I'd discuss this with your doctor, and he/she will be able to advise you whether this is a course of action to go with or if the biopsy would be required whether you have that or not.

    Don't be afraid to ask your doctor - you need to make sure you understand and are happy with everything, and they need to make sure you are well informed. I think its much worse when you don't know things - i.e., why they choose to do this test or that test - if you knew why - it would be much better.

    I'm sending you lots of hugs from Scotland, and keep us updated on how you are - we're at the other end of your PC - just remember that:heart:
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