CHAT Thread - Lets Talk Chloe

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  1. This is the place to gush over member's collections, or ask any questions that you might have! Chat away!!!
  2. I'll start! Lordguinny, your paddys are amazing! I am seriously drooling over your 05 Choco!!!! And great pics!
  3. Jag, I really like what you've done since being the Chloe mod! :flowers: YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :rochard: :wlae:
  4. Thanks you D&G!!! That is so sweet and I really appreciate that! I just want you all to let me know if there is anything I can do to make it better for you!
  5. I concur!!! I :heart: JAG!

    Stratsey, your two paddingtons (nuit and grenat) are TDF!!!! :nuts: I love those two colors!
  6. Jag, this a great board!! I am so glad to have found all you great gals.

    The forum motto, "shallow obsessing strongly encouraged" totally drew
    me in. Turns out it was only the beginning of many fun friendships :flowers:

    And a serious HABIT!! :P

    I closed a deal on my FOURTH Paddy tonight!! :wlae:

    Hope to have Taupe in hand next week for her photo debut :love:

    Thanks again Jag and EVERYONE!!!

  7. I'm so happy to have found such a group of enablers!! :graucho:

    jag-you're doing an awesome job as a mod.
    The board looks so organized and easy to navigate this way!

    :love: Awwww! Thanks!!
    And to think that I EVER wanted to get rid of that grenat paddy!!!

    Your babies are stunning as well.
    Did you decide whether you'll be letting one go yet??

    Paddy #4 :yahoo:
    Thank you for allowing to prove to my husband that my sickness isn't NEARLY as bad!!
    Can't wait to see a pic of your paddy family!
  8. I have it bad, that's for sure!! :upsidedown:

    I am still on the prowl for a great deal on a python Silverado :graucho:

    Count Down to Taupe Tote: -5 days :supacool:
  9. jag: You've done such an awesome job with the Chloe forum! Everything is so easy to navigate now! :flowers: I love the leather on your chocolate paddy hobo!! It looks so supple!

    : You have the most amazing chocolate paddy I have ever seen! All the info you have provided the Chloe forum with has helped me so much. Because of you I can now (somewhat) tell fakes apart from real bags! You really are our Queen of Chloe! :queen:

    : You're such a sweet person and your paddys are simply incredible! I love the colors! Your mousse and blanc are especially gorgeous! You have great taste, I really admire you! :cutesy:

    : I LOVE your style! Your paddys and accessories rock!! :rochard: Esp love your paddy boots, they are so chic! Thank you so much for all your help with my upcoming bag! It couldn't have happened without you!

    : Your craie loaf makes me drool... literally. :drool: It's such an incredible color and style. Seeing it is what made me want one so much!!

    D & G rockstar
    : I love how you pair your accessories together! The combos are so pretty!! And I :heart: your sable paddy!!

    : I was afraid of big paddys until I saw you carrying your bag! :nuts: The leather on your bag is TDF!

    : I'm so jealous of your craie satchel!!!! The leather is like butter! I love how it falls onto itself, It must be so soft!!

    : You have two of the nicest paddy I've ever seen! :tender: The colors are so beautiful and I love how they collapse on themselves!

    : I love your grenat hobo!!! You've gotta take her out! She's such a beauty!

    (Sorry everyone, I know that was a long post!)
  10. Thank you so much ladies!!! I really appreciate your kind words! Sorry I have been gone for a few days- I was shopping away at the Midwest Purseforum Meeting in Chicago!

    One of the highlights of the trip was playing with the most gorgeous sapphire blue python silverado at Barneys. I just could not stop playing with it- I was shocked they did not throw me out of there! They had a ton of Chloe bags though- and a lot of Bettys at the NM in Chicago as well!

    Anyway, I am back- so let me know if anyone needs anything!
  11. Welcome back! You must have had a blast there!!! :heart: That sapphire blue python silverado sounds gorgeous!!! :drool: Do you know if it's a new color?
  12. Thanks Audrey! I have no idea- i don't even know what the real name of it is. All I know is that it took every ounce of restraint not to buy it or steal it! I swear, it is probably one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen!
  13. :drool::drool::drool: I want to see it!!!
  14. Thanks for our mod Jag for making this forum so easy to navigate, everything has now it's own place here! :flowers: :flowers:

    I also want to thank all the lovely ladies here, it's cool to have friends around the world who share the same interest (passion!) to bags, especially to paddingtons! :heart: I'm so happy as I've finally found soulmates...!! :nuts:

    Thanks audrey - I'm by the way loving your choco, it's TDF..!! :love:
  15. Audrey, you a total doll! Thank you for your kinda words :heart:

    I love this forum!! It's so much FUN:flowers:

    We should declare a Chloe Day in the City for those that live in/near SF - LOL :party:
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