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  1. ^^ Ellie Mae - you just did:yahoo:
  2. Lescoy... yes'm, I think I am still subscribed to every single thread I have EVER posted in. So, if someone comes, I'll come popping back by to see what's up!
  3. I'm here too! Now I know where this thread is :shame:

    Never ventured to this part of the forum before, looks like there are loads of people just as chatty as the Chloe girls here :smile:

    So how's everyone doing?
  4. Yay! I finally found where our chat thread is.
    Well, I have updates.
    My friend passed away last Friday morning. I am a complete mess. Almost missed my own checkup.
    I found lumps in my left breast that my doctor required an aultrasound for. Subsequently, we found the lumps (there are two that are on top of each other) and I was told they were possibly "fibroadenomas", but need follow ups.
    Had my follow up today and was told by the radiologist that he's "concerned" by the growth and that one of them is no longer "smooth" but had edges. He is calling my primary doctor for a full mammogram and an ultrasound-biopsy.
    I'm scared. It will be another week before this ultrasound's results are back, then another week for my mammogram schedule, result, and then we can discuss my next options.
    Please send me good thoughts, ladies. I'm trying to keep positive.
    Sorry if I'm not coherent.........
  5. ^^ Firstly - I'm SO sorry to hear about your friend. It must be a heartbreak for you.

    Now on to you. I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now. However, remember - that whilst your Radiologist said they were concerned - that doesn't mean there is a problem - as the Radiologist isn't the specialist. Here in the UK - a Radiologist isn't allowed to make any comment on a patient.:nogood: However, you will now have your ultrasound and mammogram - and that way you will have all of the attention which is required.

    An ultrasound biopsy is pretty non-invasive - I have had one myself, and you are just given a little local anaesthetic - then the ultrasound guides the doctor to where they want to take the biopsy. Once they take it - its checked straight away - or it was for me. It then of course does go to the Lab for further analysis. The mamogram I understand is uncomfortable - but is necessary for you.

    This is all very concerniing for you - but remember we are all here to support you though this. I won't say don't worry - as its a stupid thing to say - as I know that you will be worried. The medical system nowadays is excellent, and remember that your doctors are all there to help you and to give you the best possible treatment. These scans are all precautionary - remember that - they don't mean there is anything wrong - but its far better that they have things checked:yes:

    Know that I am thinking of you - and that all of the girls will be wishing you well. Post back and keep talking to us - you have had the death of your friend, and are dealing with this - and you shouldn't be trying to do it all alone.

    We care for you - keep that in your heart:heart:
  6. Wildorchis...
    i am sorry to hear about your friend and about your lumps...
    I am a medical translator and have just finished translating a book on gynecology. One of the chapters is on benign breast disease. Fibroadenomas are considered benign tumors. Let's see what your gynecologist says upon assesing the mammograph and the ultrasound scans... There are lots of benign breast masses...

    I am sorry for being so clinical, but here's the info (this book is intended for clinical gynecologists and is published by Elsevier Saunders). Keep us posted and come back to share as often as you need... Try to keep yourself busy... A big hug from Spain...

    Benign tumors/tumor-like processes
    Fibroadenoma is a common, usually single lesion, typically seen in patients
    between ages 20 and 40. This lesion may enlarge during pregnancy, but usually
    becomes smaller as patients age. Clinically, fibroadenomas are usually
    sharply demarcated, with well-circumscribed smooth borders. They are
    somewhat rubbery, although fibroadenomas in older patients may have varying
    degrees of fibrosis, making them firmer. They do not have the gritty feel or
    stellate appearance of a breast cancer. They may be tender and seen radiologically.
    Microscopically, fibroadenomas show varying numbers and sizes of
    ducts embedded in a loose supporting stroma.
    If not seen radiographically, a palpable mass with these features should
    be removed to rule out malignancy. If the mass can be imaged it should
    be biopsied using image guidance. If the pathology indicates a fibroadenoma,
    it does not need to be removed. It can be followed clinically and removed
    only if it enlarges. One approach is to reexamine the patient and repeat
    the ultrasound every 6 months; if the patient is stable on two occasions,
    she can be followed annually. When pathologists cannot distinguish fibroadenoma
    from phylloides tumor, the mass should be completely removed.
    Of the women with fibroadenomas, 10% to 15% have multiple distinct,
    smooth, mobile masses, and core biopsy of one or two of the masses is reasonable.
    If pathology indicates a fibroadenoma, the other masses can also be presumed
    to be, and these women can be followed clinically and with ultrasound.
    In these conditions, detecting breast cancer may be difficult and referral to
    a breast specialist may be considered.
    Giant or juvenile fibroadenomas may enlarge quickly and can become
    large enough to visibly distort the breast. An enlarging fibroadenoma should
    be surgically excised (enucleated). If the breasts are not fully developed, care
    should be taken to preserve the breast bud.
    Other benign, less-common adenomas include tubular adenomas and lactating
    adenomas seen during pregnancy.
  7. wildorchids: i am so sorry to hear about your friend. losing someone so close is never an easy thing. i had a similar time a few years ago and know that it takes a long time to heal. if you're sad, let yourself be sad; if you want to cry, excuse yourself and let yourself cry. your emotions must be in overdrive right now with this horrible loss and now the radiologist's findings on your breast. It's very frightening but Lescoy is right in saying that the medical field is finding ways everyday for people to cope with different conditions. You will be fine because you have to be - you're a wonderful person who works really hard and who deserves so much more than all that has been thrown at you recently. Sometimes it seems like it's more than you can handle and it's not fair. It's not. But please remember we're all here for you if ever you need us - to chat, to rant, whatever. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated :heart:
  8. Wildorchids Fibroadenomas - are non-malignant growths. However, it is apparent that in some cases - if left - they can mutate - however, this is dependent on lots of factors, and also on the site of the adenoma.

    I have had an adenoma - but it was in my liver. It was relatively large - and it was removed, basically because it was felt it was the best course of action - i.e., it was wiser than constantly having scans - as the best scan due to the location would be MRI - which is expensive, and not available in my location. CT scans are useful but irradiate - and therefore are not recommended for long term say bi-annual use.

    I had an ultrasound biopsy - which is absolutely no problem - local anaesthetic - biopsy taken, and its looked at straight away, then of course investigated further in the Lab. I know how you are feeling - as although I was told mine wasn't sinister - there is always a fear - and with your liver - if its sinister - thats it:sad: Whereas if its benign, its taken out and the liver hypertrophies - so its not a problem.

    The thoughts which are going through your head right now will be varied and TBH will at times be unbearable. You need to focus and stay completely positive. Thats where hopefully by talking to us - we can help you - :tup:
  9. Wildorchids, you are in my thoughts and prayers right now. I hope you can come to terms with the loss of your friend and take comfort from knowing that they are at peace without any pain.

    I know you must be absolutely petrified right now about your own condition. I had a scare a few years ago when I was called back for an ultrasound and the waiting for the appointment was the most worrying time ever. However, having the check-ups and testing is one step towards receiving a clean bill of health, or will provide the necessary information to treat you in order to reach the clean bill of health. Nothing will take away the worry you are feeling right now, but try and think positively. With any luck, it will just be a scare. We're here for you and wish you all the best.

    Big hug.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about all that you're going through, wildorchids, it must be so stressful for you. :sad:

    I'm afraid, unlike Lescoy and maria, I don't know too much about the subject, but from what little I've heard, most of these lumps do turn out to be completely benign, on further inspection. :yes:

    So, even though I know it is is only natural for you to be worried (who wouldn't be?), please at least try not to let it get you down too much.

    I will be thinking of you. :flowers: :heart:
  11. Wildorchids, I am so so sorry to hear about all this, this is simply so hard... the loss of your friend, it is heartbreaking, and then how scared you must be right now... I am sending you the best thoughts and all positive vibes and healing energy I can think of, pure white light beaming away all your fear, sadness and giving you strength and good thoughts, so that you can steer stably through these very rough waters you are travelling right now!

    I will be thinking of you!
  12. Bless you Wildorchids, I know this is a difficult time for you. You will survive all of this and be stronger because of it. Life is harsh at times. I have pmED you please talk with me if you need to.I have lost people close to me and have been a breast cancer survivor for over 17 years.
  13. Wildorchids I am sitting here and thinking "What do I say, how do I convey my thoughts to you?"
    Firstly I lost someone very close to me and nursed her till she died. Healing is a process that is different for everyone so I won't pursume to tell you what to do.
    It's been some years now since Cathies death and I think of her often with love, warmth and laughter about the things we got up to over our 40 year friendship. It's an old saying but time has helped and I am glad she is still in my thoughts.
    Loss, grief and health often go together, it may be hormonal changes which have changed the growth pattern of the lumps.
    It's easy to say "Don't worry" but I can assure you I would be a mess with everything your coping with.
    Please know that you can always reach out to anyone of us on the forum and I for one would be happy to help any way I can. Support is important even if it's only verbal.
    I am thinking of you.:heart:
  14. Wildorchids, I am so so sorry to hear about all this, it's not easy to go thru...but please keep thinking about possitive thing. They're just concerned...please don't be scare. I will wish you, hope for you :"all the best will coming"...

    I am so sorry to hear your friend/best friend passed away!

    But please keep thinking possitive!
  15. I am really sorry to hear about your friend and about the medical issues. If there is anything I can do for you or you need to talk then I am here for you:hugs:
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