CHAT Thread - Lets Talk Chloe

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  1. Snow in Texas... yes'm.. occasionally, IF there's a football game or some outdoor event one has to attend! We are central Tx, north part of Tx actually is alot colder and they do get "real snow". We just get enough to make things wet and muddy... and icy. But only a few times during the winter.
    Yep, accounts require passwords. Beats me how they hack into them. Ebay cust serv said "change your ebay account AND email account PASSWORDS regularly".... which is a big pain, as I will never remember the passwords.
  2. This made me MAD... and is IRRITATING!
  3. Sorry this happened! Hope you got it taken care of! Sometimes life can be irritating!
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    You must have posted just as i logged off to go to bed, was about 11pm when we talked about coffee. :P
  5. I saw a Nordstrom look book for Resort yesterday and they had a pic of a new Paraty style. It is essentially the same except that it is not as tall, more of an east/west shape. I can't remember what colors they are getting it in. I'll take another look in a day or two. They also showed more Paddingtons coming in. :P I'll check out the colors on those too!! :yes:
  6. I am sorry I was not thinking, when it is coffee time here it is nighty night time for you! Hope you had a grand birthday! Good night!:P:rolleyes:
  7. Well ladies, I'm off to the airport now :yahoo: If any UK ladies want to go shopping for bags - none of my friends are really "bag people" so I wouldn't mind the company! PM me :smile:

    I hope everyone has a good weekend :heart:
  8. Have a nice trip, qwerty234.:heart:
  9. Oh bye, hon! Have a FABULOUS time! :okay:
  10. Have a safe trip, we'll miss you!
  11. Have a wonderful trip Mica!
  12. enjoy yourself mica!!!
  13. Nvm
  14. :bump:
    Here's where the Chloe thread has been move to ladies!!
  15. Hey Cho... sadly no one comes here anymore....:sad:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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