Chanel pre-fall 19B

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic haul! All 3 items are amazing!
  2. Seriously!! Still waiting. Quality better not be ratchet with this delay.
  3. You're still waiting too?? I can't believe the other collection is already out and we're still waiting haha
  4. I didn’t know there could be more coming! My SA said there isn’t anymore coming to Vancouver at least for this collection.
  5. A lot of stores in the states still haven't gotten then in:sad:
  6. Well, I couldn't hold out any longer for the small and ended up ordering the jumbo haha! How are you liking your bag so far?? I had no luck finding it in the medium
  7. Still waiting ? I might throw in the towel :annoyed: my sa is trying to see if he can get one of the last three mediums in the company.. If not I think I'm getting the white jumbo. These small flaps seem like they're never going to come!
  8. I was at Chanel Bellagio today and SA thought it was odd that anyone in the US was getting small white caviar.

    Holding out for small flap or bust. I like the strap length lol.
  9. Please when you get it can you post the Tag code? :angel::hbeat: Trying to locate one in EU
  10. Of course!
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  11. LOL right? NM seems to be ordering a lot of smalls though.. I know my local Nordstrom got them in a while ago so they do exist somewhere! I hope you get yours soon! Can't believe I'm gong from small to jumbo :huh:
  12. :nuts: Divine! Love the green rec!
  13. Hi everyone,

    I know this might be late but I just saw this mini flap in a local chanel boutique and was instantly stunned (first picture).

    A quick search on the web showed that this bag belongs to pre-collection fall/winter and I was redirected to a picture of a classic flap in small (assuming from the dimension listed) with the same material and color (second picture).

    Has anybody ever had any experience with jersey material? I can’t stop thinking about the bag (and the color) and really wouldn’t want to miss out on it but still on the fence about the jersey material.

    Also does anyone know whether this comes in M/L size?


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  14. This is the ML size (25.5) and I do heard that jersey will fur overtime :smile: Personally will not go for it.
  15. Does anyone know this bags number or price?