Chanel pre-fall 19B

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  1. Is it too early to start a thread about 19B when 19A hasn’t even been in the stores yet? :biggrin:
    Anyway, it seems some have already gotten some information about the pre-fall collection, so I thought it would be a good idea to share any info in this thread.
    Really hope this will be the season for the perfect red mini rectangular!! :heart::drool::loveeyes:
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  2. What about grey classic flap or coco handle in prefall? Does anyone know?
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  3. We usually say Métiers d'Art/Pre-fall is 19A, Fall Act I is 19B. 19K Fall/Winter Act II
  4. Ah okay, Im never gonna figure this out :biggrin: but no minis for metiers d’art, right?
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  5. I believe those will be the Reissue minis. Regular Mini's should be Act I (19B) late June/July sometime.
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  6. Yes, thats what I thought, thats why I made this thread because theres already a metiers thread, and Im not interested in that season unless it has minis :lol:
  7. Bumping this thread to see if anyone has any news regarding rectangular minis coming in june/july :biggrin:
  8. I think someone mentioned in other thread there will be lambskin mini in burgundy. I wonder will they bring out red for classic flaps
  9. Black, light gray, pink, green and burgundy lamb minis are coming this july :smile:
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  10. Burgundy again? :sad: When will they make a true red?!!! :confused1:
  11. Im so tired of Chanel, why cant they make a true red mini rectangular?!!!
  12. light grey!! OMG! thanks for the info! do you know any classic M/L caviar will come in the light grey too?
  13. Hi, does anyone know who ordered the teal deauvilles? Thanks!
  14. Bumping this!!
  15. I see 19A pictures rolling in on Instagram!! Can’t wait to see 19b
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