Celine Chitty-chat club!

  1. yep i agree, a phone order is probably the best way to go. i've got 2 SAs who have been amazingly helpful and have managed to find several bags for me recently. PM me if you need their details :smile:
  2. :p

    We are redoing our kitchen, so the majority is just household stuff. Yawn. :p
  3. good morning ladies!
    it's raining out here.. :blah:
  4. Omg it poured last night!!!!
  5. Send some to Dallas please!! WE need rain in a bad way!
  6. are you guys still in dry streak? *sending ours your way*
    weather in SF is always weird.. last night till this morning was raining and now the sun is out and shining so bright :sunshine: i'm so ready for fall wardrobe! I wanna wear my coat, poncho, and boots.

  7. Are you another SF girl? Me too! :ghi5:
  8. Yup! Still in a drought! The big lake in our gated community is getting lower all the time. WE need a slow, steady, soaking rain to come our way. I am sooooo ready for cool weather so I can wear my fall clothes too! If something doesn't happen soon I may just have to wear them and sweat! :sweatdrop:
  9. The pond across the street from our house has been dry for months now. We really need rain in the worst way.
  10. When I was in Dallas a couple months back, it was SO humid. I can't believe the lack of rain you guys are having. :tumbleweed:
  11. Yay the Exotics Reference Thread is here!!!! Thanks, LR!!!!! :ghi5:

    Hopefully I won't miss the UPS man tomorrow and I'll be able to contribute! :sweatdrop:
  12. Oooooooh!!!! I am so excited for you!!!
  13. :yahoo:Can't wait to see some modeling pics!!
  14. I can't wait to get her!!!

  15. Cannot wait to see pics of your gorgeous new python!!