Celine Chitty-chat club!

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  1. Hello fellow Celine lovers :heart:

    Here is your designated chat thread! Hope you all are well and having a lovely Saturday so far. I am out the door to see my nephew's baseball game. Fun!
  2. Woohoo!!

  3. Present!! :woot::chatty:

    Sooooo, we can chat about anything right?

    I NEED THESE CHANEL BOOTS IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!! All hands on deck, if you see them in a 38.5-39.... let me know please!

  4. ^ I love that colour brown!!
  5. Me too! Plus it would be nice not to have a skyscraper heel on ALL my shoes :Push:

    The only drag, Chanel isn't available online.. either auction sites or phone calls so any help/sightings/intel is appreciated!
  6. Hello lovelies! So glad to see a chitty chat club in the Celine sub-forum :biggrin:

    I'm a massive Celine fan living in the UK at the moment(was in Australia and Taiwan and Malaysia before this). I jumped on the Celine bandwagon after I lost my love for Chanel(due to price increases!)

    I've got quite a few luggages and cabas so far:

    1.Blue python luggage(the one in the ad campaign)
    2.Denim mini (from a/w)
    3.Grainy camel mini
    4.Cobalt mini
    5.Tri-color nano
    6.Burgundy nano
    7.Grey phantom with fluoro orange piping
    8.Python tri-pochette
    9.Red cabas
    10. Black on black fur cabas
    11. Black on white fur cabas
    12.Burgundy cabas with clasp

    And I've got a black box coming too!!! Can't wait to see what you ladies have :biggrin:
  7. Great collection! Amazing choices!!
  8. Wow! This is an incredible collection!
  9. :nuts: WOW~ I would love to see a pic of your collection!!!!
  10. Thank you littlerock! :urock:
    Hello my celine lovelies.. finally a chat thread so we chat about everything!! can't wait to get to know you girls a lil better.. btw, dreamlet , one of these days, you, bella, and I should get together and hunt around the bay area for celine. :cool:

    what a collection!! whenever you get a chance, can you take a picture of it? :tender:
  11. if anyone could pull that boots, it's you bella! :tup: looks like you need a mile long legs to look good in it.. and i love that color! what's the style name so i can keep an eye out?

  12. Thanks indi!!! I cannot find the style name anywhere!!!!
  13. So, I have been carrying my black smooth since she arrived a few weeks ago, I cannot believe how many compliments these bags get!
  14. *rides in on tiny invisible Missoni bike*

    YAY!!! YES!! We have a chat thread. TY LittleRock.

    Bella those boots are stunning. Wish I was taller to rock something like that. For the past 10 days or so I've been sportin my Bordeaux which has softened up a bit and everyone always asks what kinda bag is that. I love that bag. It's funny cause I was talking with my BF about getting another one in another color and she was like do you want the same bag just in another color and back then I said no you're right but now I do. And of course now I can't find the color I want. :wtf: *climbs off soapbox*
  15. I'm definitely gonna take photos of my Celines some time.Just need to find the time and a half decent camera!! Forgot to add that I have a leopard mini and a leopard cabas too! I can't believe how addictive Celine is!!