Cartier Chinese New Year Promotion - anyone know the details?

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  1. Not sure if this is where I should be posting this ... but I was in the Cartier Toronto store today trying on their trinity rings and the SA told me that they are doing a Chinese New Year promotion and only have a limited number of these invitations. I asked her for the details but all she knows is that Cartier will be mailing out gift certificates. I asked if she knows if there's a minimum spend in order to use it but she doesn't know as she only found out the promo this morning herself. Does anyone know or heard of any promo like that? Any details are appreciated coz I am really anxious to know what I'll be receiving!!!

  2. I'm curious - never heard of such a thing!
  3. Oooh.. interesting. I may have to ask my SA.. :graucho:
  4. I know last christmas, (Christmas 2008) I received a gift certificate for $500 when I purchased any piece from the LOVE collection, $2K or more.

    I suspect it will be something like that.
  5. ayla - do let me know what your SA say ;)

    Vintage Leather - thanks for the info! That's a pretty good amount ($500).
  6. i got 1,000.00 after christmas last year.. with $5.000 or more purchase.
  7. I did hear from my SA about this promo, but she does not have the details at the moment.
  8. More details:

    1) Most likely a gift certificate (discount on an amount spent over).
    2) Date to be sent/received 2/18, which is after Valentine's day.
  9. Thanks yunwendy! Keep us posted when you find out more!
  10. meowmeow - Just keep checking with you SA. Very easy to miss these sort of opportunities.

    VuittonsLover - I doubled up on the $1K off of $5K last year. I hope this year is the same promo.
  11. My SA in Toronto said if you spend more than $5000 you get a gift certificate of $800+.... and I believe the person had to decide before Monday February 1.
  12. Thanks for the info gnaw. But my SA told me to wait until I get the gift certificate in the mail before going there again to pick out what I want. Maybe the promo you got is a different one. They are so secretive about their promos!:rolleyes:
  13. Just received an invitation for a cocktail reception at my Cartier store. Did not receive any gift certificate.
  14. Cocktail reception on 2/18.
  15. I got an email from my SA last night about the cocktail reception too. She said I will be getting my gift certificate along with my invitation. She said the GC will be for $850 and she thinks it's valid with a minimum purchase of $2500. What should I get??? :graucho: