Cartier Chinese New Year Promotion - anyone know the details?

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  1. meowmeow: I did not get a GC with my invitation. But a GC of $850 off of $2500 is very nice 34% discount. Let me know if you get the GC along with the invitation.
  2. Oh wow, I wish they had this in my part of the world!
  3. I got my invitation as well as the GC in the mail 2 days ago. The GC is for $888 and must be used before Feb 28, 2010. I called the store yesterday to see if there's a minimum that I have to spend in order to use it, and the SA told me that the head office FORGOT to print that on the GC, so they have to honor the GC with no minimum spend requirement!

    Planning to go visit the store tomorrow to get something. But so hard to decide on what to get! Something from the Trinity collection or LOVE collection?? A ring or necklace or bracelet?? HELP!
  4. meowmeow: The $888 sounds great. You can really get something nice with it. Thanks for the update.
  5. meowmeow - is this GC something valid at all Cartier's. Not sure what part of the world you're in, but is it something across the board - should I ask my SA about it?
  6. I am not sure if the GC is valid at all Cartiers and am not sure if it's all across the board .... but I have a list of the participating Cartiers in North America at home... What I know is that the promo is over because an SA said that they already sent out all the GC, which were printed from their New York office.
  7. Oh well...thanks for letting me know, though :smile:
  8. meowmeow: Just received my GC today, you are correct regarding very little restrictions on them (no minimum spend), only an expiration date.

    Broadway Baby: The GC are personally addressed to a specific person, and number individually.
  9. :smile: so I assume no walk-in for the promotional discount then? since you need to have the GC in order to receive the discount?

    >_< I wanna get a cartier ring........
  10. Well, here is the scoop: verified by two salespeople that I spoke with, one in LV and also in CA:

    Not only do you have to be a good customer--apparently, you also have to be Chinese.

    Seriously, the salespeople told me they were sent to "good customers who are Chinese."

    SO if you are Chinese, and you aren't a "good customer" --even though its a Chinese New Year promotion, no coupon.

    And if you aren't Chinese, but you are a good customer, that doesn't count either.

    I had no idea Cartier discriminated like that. I think that that is illegal to do that.

    Its definitely changed my opinion of them.
  11. Seriously though, who doesn't discriminate these days. I just got off the phone with my SA at Neiman Marcus and there's some promotion that I don't qualify for ("they've already been sent out and it's decided by corporate"). That to me sounds like bo sh**, basically they're saying you're not VIP enough. You know I spend good money in that darn store - this is why they're all so secretive.
  12. mkc1011: You can always ask your SA for a discount.
  13. has anyone received or heard of any promotions lately?
    i received the 1,000 off 5,000 i think it was last yr. but since then i havent received anything. looking to get a few items for christmas and a coupon or promotion would really come in handy.
    we havent purchased anything from there in a few years, do they take you off their "special" mailing list if you havent been purchasing in awhile? =(
    please let me know of anything you hear!
  14. I asked too. My SA told me they only gave them to Chinese customers, which seems kind of illegal/unfair/racist...
  15. I usually receive them but didn't get anything this year so far.