Calling all Goyard fans....

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  1. Another angle

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  2. Last one. :smile:

    I love the unique look. I get a ton of compliments on this bag.

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  3. Stunning, congrats! :biggrin:
  4. Love this grey! I will be in Paris in a couple weeks. So i will be visiting the Goyard store in Paris.:graucho:
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  6. such a beautiful bag and a gorgeous color! How much is the marquis in paris?
  7. Gorgeous! Love the colors.
  8. I'm gonna be Goyard fans soon, now i'm deciding about Saint Louis tote PM or GM for men. :smile:
  9. The Saint Louis tote is a-sexual- could be for a man or a woman..I guess what would distinguish it being for men or women would be the color. But then again, if you want to scream you're carrying a Goyard tote then get the yellow or orange. I have 2 signature colors when i buy Goyard bags- in regards to the 2 St. L I have- one for each season. Navy blue for the spring summer and Burgundy for the fall/winter. Just remember that those bags can take a beating, they were originally designed to be grocery totes or beach bags- which is what i use them for. I guess now days they have become purses or what not. FYI get the larger one!
  10. What about the monogram? Im looking for ideas, don't want the big stripes but want a little something, could you share pics of your monograms? thanks
  11. Do you have pics of unique monograms? Im trying to find some ideas online but can't - Thanks
  12. You can go to the Goyard site and they have a section where you can try different colors and stripes. Hopefully that will get your thought process going, They are able to do anything you want; however. just remember the cost anything outside of the stripes and letter can go from 500 upwards. But i would recommend keeping it simple since you already have a limited edition bag.
  13. Oh thanks, I will check it out... I may get only small initials on the side or something like that. Yesterday I emailed the SF store with questions about time and recommendations but haven't get any answers yet.

  14. Never email a Goyard store- their priority is making sale, not reading e-mails. I would call the store and just ask. If its not invasive where are you located? I'm in NYC but just bought my rare navy blue Victoria bag in HK- had to fly over there to get it! But i took it to my goyard dealer at Barney's- she is sending it in for monogramming in SF but since ive know her for years she said 4 to 5 weeks but mine will be done in one more week. i only turned it in 2 weeks ago.
  15. Oh, I always email my BG people so that's why I emailed SF. I live in Mexico now but will be in SF next month so I think I will call, then see what I like in the store... Will let you know.