Calling all Goyard fans....

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  1. I had the Okinawa and Marie Galante (same but two versions), and the small tight zippers were impossible. I sold them and got the Marquise in Paris this year. The zipper is quite long and goes on a tab down the side of the bag. So this opens the zipper very wide. The zipper tab can be neatly tucked into a stay on the side of the bag. Much better than the Okinawa

  2. thank you so much for the feedback. i rarely use my okinawa. you are so right about those zippers. i will have to consider the marquise.
    congratulations and enjoy.
  3. Hello
    I own two pieces. My second one was just delivered on monday. It is a limited edition St. Louis Tote with the leather piping at the bottom. I purchased it from the New York store. What i love about Goyard is that it is exclusive. Its somewhat mysterious to me. I search for hours
    trying to find personalized ones online that i haven't seen before. I also love the quality and the feel of the goyardine canvas.
  4. One of the things that makes all Goyard bags unique is that the design on every one is hand painted on linen. In the past, stencils were not used and they could be a bit sloppy, but now they are still hand painted, but stencils are used for uniformity. They were originally made as luggage and trunks, but moved into sturdy yet fashionable well-crafted handbags. The hand painted design stayed the same. The design is subtle, in that the name "Goyard" and their address on St. Honore in Paris is almost hidden in the design. Some of their styles are more comfortable and more useful, but are also more expensive. I learned the hard way with the St. Louis that the straps aren't all leather inside the strap at the base, and if it is bent over, it will literally crack from the inside out, usually can't be repaired, and the cost to replace them is about $300. After that, I never bought a Goyard bag without first making sure the straps were all leather through and through. I was not fond of the Marie Galante Okinawa, as the rounded oval shape was too firm for comfort and the zipper too tight to easily get into and out of. I finally settled on the Marquise because it had soft sides, a solid bottom with purse feet, and a very long zipper which allowed it to open and stay open very widely.
    It is definitely not luggage any more than any Louis Vuitton monogram canvas bag (which was the same monogram they used on their trunks and luggage), and what makes it special (aside from superb craftsmanship) is the great bright colors and "stealth status" in a bag that doesn't scream the designer's name. It is great that you don't see it everywhere--it makes it special!
  5. Really appreciate this feedback. I just ordered the Marquise yesterday and impatiently awaiting its arrival! :smile: Are you still enjoying yours?
  6. Do you know if the St. Honoré Store in Paris will ship their bags to Europe?
    Appreciare your help, thank you!
  7. the zipper is annoying to me as well if I want to open the bag while walking or standing. But once it's closed I'm happy that it's a pick pockets nightmare lol
  8. I've come to really like it! I actually find I keep it unzipped most of the time, but it is certainly easy to zip. The only issue I have had with it is that the inside pocket kind of grabs my long Gucci wallet making it almost a two-handed procedure to get it out, and the top 4 corners of the bag can take a beating against walls, etc. because the bag is relatively long. But, I still love it and it is so far the only Goyard bag that has held my interest for this long!
  9. I assume they will, as they tell me they will ship to the US--but I would email them to be sure.
  10. I really have been enjoying mine! I usually tire of a certain style pretty quickly, or depending on the season, but this has kept my interest for a long time, and I have had lots of compliments from people who have never even heard of Goyard :smile: The only two issues I have is the relatively clingy interior pocket and the 4 pointy top corners. I find that sometimes I bang them into walls and tables if I'm not careful. I also wish it had a darker interior lining, but I know that would make it harder to find things--so all in all, it has been my favorite Goyard!
  11. Yes
  12. I got it this morning! Beautiful! Thanks :smile:
  13. I have the St.Louis Pm in Bordeaux and I love it because it's very lightweight and versatile.
    Also love the fact that is less common than the LV neverfull.:smile:
  14. Great to hear that you are enjoying your Saint Louis. The burgundy is such a beautiful color! :smile:
  15. My Marquise, bought in Paris....

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