Calling all Goyard fans....

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  1. No one answered?
  2. Hi janels, I just received some mini croisiere bags from the flagship store in Paris and the dust bags look like yours but the letters are not smudged. The hand painted pattern does have some dots touching and different colors mixing. I will post some photos for you to see. Hope it helps but probably better to authenticate yours at a boutique.
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    Mini croisiere

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  4. The other mini croisiere

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  5. Hi, thanks for posting. I returned that bag as there were mixed authentication results and instead bought a Marquise from the Goyard flagship store on St. Honore in Paris. Taking it to a boutique is pretty impossible in the US unless you live in SF. Regarding the misaligned dots on the chevrons, what Goyard told me when I was there a few months ago (Paris) was that the much older chevrons were hand painted without a stencil, but the newer ones (within the past 5-10 years) are still hand painted but a stencil is used, so they are less "messy".

    I will try to post a picture of the beautiful Marquise, which is so much better for me than many of their other styles. The negative being the light colored cloth lining and no interior D ring for keys, etc.

    Thanks for your reply!
  6. I used a couple of recommended authentication services (Goyard is evidently quite difficult to authenticate), and the results were mixed, so I returned it to the website.
  7. Here is the lovely Marquise I got at Goyard Paris in October:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  8. I highly recommend going to the 63rd street flagship store in NYC! They have everything in stock. SA's are super friendly and there is absolutely no pressure to buy when you are there.

    I purchased the boeing 30 bag there in black! Waiting for mine to come back from being monogrammed!

  9. Trying to find a phone number for them but can't....anyone have it? Tia!

  10. Here it is:

    (212) 813-0005
  11. Love it!
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    That bag is gorgeous! I'm waiting for a Marquise in yellow to come from Fashionphile. I was wondering if you find it hard to open the zipper, hard to keep on your shoulder, or bulky and annoying?
  13. I have really enjoyed this Goyard bag, more so than some others I have had. The straps are the perfect length and stay easily on my shoulder (and unlike the St. Louis, it doesn't matter if these all-leather straps bend--they won't break), I don't find the zipper at all awkward (although I do keep it open a lot), my large zipped Gucci wallet fits into the interior pocket, and the bag lies well against the body sideways. It is somewhat boxy at the bottom, but the only time I have a problem with that is fitting it on the car floor next to my feet--it's a bit long. It is very sturdy and elegant at the same time!
  14. Yay! Good to know. I have an Okinawa that I never use because the zipper is annoying and scratches the hell out of my hand whenever I have to reach into the bag. Sometimes you just want a zippered bag, and the Marquise seemed like a good solution since I something about the little kitty face on the Sac Hardy didn't jive with me. Yours is just stunning!
  15. i agree about the okinawa- i have one. also agree about the kitty face. will have to consider the marquise. i recently purchased the artois and am very happy with it.