BB Cream (Blemish Balm)? Anyone know anything about these products?

  1. I've been using bb cream for a year now. I began with the Missha Shiny, the coverage is good, but a bit too shiny lol! Everything that gets in contact with my face gets shiny LOL!!
    I'm currently using BRTC jasmine water now! I like that one, it's very light, not pasty and the coverage is good!
  2. thanks! been wanting to try it!
  3. Bump for more reviews!
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    nanoce BB cream--

    It's definitely for light skinned people (luckily i'm pretty pasty myself so color matching was no issue- Just picked the pinker shade instead of the yellow since i'm more pink).

    I really like it as a sunscreen and it definitely keeps my skin from going dry (i'm dry / combination) but it accentuates dry skin and flakes like NO OTHER- it literally sticks to your flakes and refuse to budge.

    However, When i got the cream, I started using it when my skin was aggravated like crazy and it seemed to really calm down my skin which is great and it's easy to take off at the end of the day - but definitely not a miracle cream. I don't think it does wonders like the korean brands but it's still ok. I use it as a everything cream over my morning moisturizer. It has light coverage. I read somewhere that nanoce is a pretty natural company but I haven't checked up on that.

    Forget to add-- unlike most of the korean bb cream and other reviews I've read, nanoce doesn't seem to have much of any other benefits besides working as a foundation(matte), powder, makeup base, UV ray cut, and has an spf30 pa++. Maybe that's why I don't feel the actual skin care benefits such as getting rid of acne, etc. But this is the first Bb cream I've ever used on my super sensitive skin and it's been working fine so far.
  5. I definitely find that bb creams suit my skin more than liquids, powders and even mineral makeup. I'm using the missha perfect cover bb cream and it never looks cakey and has a dewy finish. It also gets rid of my pimples in a day or two. You have to be careful about washing it off before you go to bed otherwise it could cause breakouts. The high SPF is also a plus and it's cheap!!!
  6. ^^^ What kind of skin do you have if you don't mind me asking? I've been thinking of trying the Missha in the #23 but I have pretty dry skin and hear it's not good for people with dry skin. What do you think?

    L'egere is great I hear. I'm planning on trying that soon.
  7. I have normal skin, not dry or oily. If you have dry skin, you should use a rich moisturizer before applying the bb cream.
  8. well i got my brtc bb cream intro samples and i'm somewhat disappointed; i was expecting a sample of each type of brtc bb cream but i only had 1 packet each of the gold caviar, some collagen thing, and eye cream.

    i tried the gold caviar bb cream today and i like it a lot so was easy to apply, didn't need much, pretty good coverage (like medium?), and looks pretty natural. i'll see how it holds up throughout the day but i think it's really likely that i'll buy it. i'm glad i was able to sample it first before deciding...i was hoping to see the difference between gold caviar, recover, and jasmine but i'm pretty happy with gold caviar. thanks for posting!
  9. ^Oh no! Thats so misleading because I knew I saw a pic of each type of BB cream on the site. At least you like it. Thanks for sharing
  10. I'm using the silver tube from Dr.Jart, highly recommended! Very good coverage, lasts allllll day! Spf30.
  11. Btw, I liked the Gold Caviar one from BRTC too, but it was just a biiit too rich for my oily/combo skin, so I gave it to my mom and she LOVES it. :biggrin:
  12. I just discovered BB creams and they are awesome! I love that they really even out skin tone without feeling heavy. I've tried a couple from The Face Shop and 1 from Skin Food - all pretty good, but am going to get myself a tube of BRTC.

    I only wish I had discovered them sooner!

    I agree they can be scarily light when initially applied but they oxidize pretty quickly to match skin tone (I am NC 30). The application process is also a bit different from applying foundation (found a couple of helpful videos on You Tube).
  13. ^^ do you mind posting a link to the videos you found helpful?
  14. Two brands to look out for:
    -Hanskin (By far the most popular in all of Asia)
    -Skinfood (Cheaper alternative, whose entire market is pretty much centred in Korea)
  15. I'm hearting BB cream right now :/ but I ran out and don't have access to a credit card atm TToTT I've been looking for replacement similar to BB cream that can be bought in America X_X