BB Cream (Blemish Balm)? Anyone know anything about these products?

  1. I am still looking for that perfect BB cream for me!

    I have Legere & hanskin gold caviar going to waste in my makeup kit.
  2. ^ LouisLady, where did you get the Legere and Hanskin?
  3. I've tried it and didn't like it. There is only one shade to choose from and it made me look quite pasty. Also, I think its healing properties are over-hyped.

  4. they are very popular in korea! really they're "all the rage"
    the german ones in particular, I've been using Dr. Schrammek(Sp?) and i love it more than any tinted moisturizer i've ever used! it makes skin look flawless!
  5. I just got the Lioele BB Cream... I love it so much! I can use it on a daily basis and its not cakey at all, plus the coverage is AMAZING. It only takes me one pump for my entire face.
  6. Hey friends,

    There is a Korean BB Cream Shopping Spree going on.. check it out..

    I cant leave home without my BB cream now.. I feel my skin is getting softer each time I apply.. even my maid is so tempted to buy, she says my skin is getting better each day.. haha.. :yahoo: For those who have not try.. [​IMG] haha.. (just kidding)
  7. Btw, if anyone here from Singapore like me.. we can get some free BB cream via the FR3b website.. juz need to pay postage.. very worth, Dr G now available for grab.. go and get it fast!
  8. KathyWoon - please do not advertise your website here! Thank you
  9. I've tried BB creams when I was in Taiwan last winter. I would say it definitely provides good coverage and acts in lieu of foundation and concealers. However, it does feel a bit heavy on - I would not use it on a daily basis. Some dermatologists in Taiwan are also advising patients not to use this because it makes many people breakout.
  10. Hey guys, I have tried Dr Jart's bb cream and I really didnt like the texture on my skin but that could have been preference. The best 2 products I have tried is the Gold Caviar bb cream and Blemish Recover Balm-made by BRTC. From my experience and research BRTC is by far the best products out there. I have bought it from they have an entire line of bb creams and skincare products. I am afraid to buy off eBay as many of the products are fake and unreliable.

    Does anyone who where I can get some good peeling gels as well?
  11. I just heard about BB cream and definitly wanna give it a try...
    Tho there seem to be so many out there, dunno which one to pick??? :confused1:

  12. theres soo many brands out there.

    trial and error! lol

    i went through a few tubes of bb creme but non was suitable for me personally. wish it was though because i see some girls that use Bb creams with such great coverage/skin!!!!
  13. Hi LouisLady, did you buy them online or somewhere around OC?

    Thanks! ;)
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