Ballon Bleu...which size? Meduim or Large


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  1. I am deciding between the medium and large vs. the tank francaise. I like the medium ballon bleu but it all depends on your wrist and where you plan on wearing it. Any thoughts on the BB vs the tank francaise?
  2. I'm a smidgen under 6". When I was trying it on the male SA said it looked "incredibly chic"! ;)

    I know ppl don't agree on whether this matters, but I'm quite tall, which is why I think I like the look.
  3. Where did you buy the watch? At a cartier boutique or authorized retailer? Congratulations =]
  4. At my local AD who gave me 10% off the retail price...
  5. Thanks! You know, it's been a weird last two weeks - my absolute FAVOURITE watch broke (literally fell apart while I was walking and a metal part fell into oblivion) and my second watch fell *very lightly* onto the bathroom (tile) floor and shattered/chipped the glass face! These weren't exactly cheap watches, either! I think it's a clear sign from above that I need this watch....or maybe that I definitely SHOULD NOT buy another watch, let alone a more expensive one, lest it falls and shatters on the pavement as well!! These sorts of things happen in threes, you know....
  6. Girls, I am also trying to decide between medium and large. I have 6" wrist and I do like large watches....but the large seems awfully big. Any new pictures?
  7. I just recently watched the movie "something borrowed". Really crappy movie but I think Kate Hudson was wearing a large BB with the love bracelet. Maybe you can checked out the movie. It looks great on her but she is also very tall.