Ballon Bleu...which size? Meduim or Large


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  1. I was going to go for a Rolex, but I think that it's a bit much for where I work and might raise some I've opted to go for a Ballon Bleu. I haven't tried it on yet..may be going today.So, which size ?? the medium or large?

    thanks for your advice!!!
  2. I think the Medium is more "classic". I say that because I think someday this big watch trend will pass.
  3. Medium. I tried on the Large & it looks rediculous on me - even if you shorten the links, it's so big that the face pokes out over the edges of my wrist - looks like I'm a little kid wearing my dad's watch.
  4. ^^Thanks Ladies!! I was thinking the large being a bit too big...keep the advice coming!!!

    Oh and does anyone know if the AD will discount?

    Thank you!!!
  5. Ok I just tried them both on and I actually like the larger one!!
    And they did give me 10% off the price.
  6. whats the mm size on each?
  7. I adore my Large. I've loved men's watches since high school, which was 20 years ago! You can see mine on my avatar, or in the Cartier thread.
  8. Did you buy it?!! Yay! I love when people go with their heart vs. the highest vote.
  9. Not yet..still contemplating..this is the most money I've ever spent on any luxury good and then I'll be soo banned for the rest of the year...
    and I think they had the wrong price on the large...they had it marked $5650 and still 10% off..
  10. I know, it's a big deal, trust me, I get that. All I can say to enable you :graucho: is say that I am happy EVERY SINGLE TIME I look at it, and I think I might (gasp) love it more than my Love bracelet.
  11. some pics...
    the large is 42mm - I think my eyes lit up when I tried it on
    the medium is 36.6mm
    Cartier1.JPG Cartier2.JPG
  12. hehe..I always feel like it's just me making such a big deal about things.
  13. OMG no, these purchases are HUGE for me. I wish I was in a position where they weren't!!!
  14. I like both on you actually, but I have to tell you, I love that little date window!!!
  15. I'm a sucker for the date window too...but I dunno..the medium one didn't really WOW me in anyway..kind of like...yeah, it's there..I guess..understated the long run the medium probably would be better? Having a hard time convincing myself..:smile: I'll have to go back and try again.....and again..I don't think I'll be spending this kind of money on another watch for a long time..