Ballon Bleu...which size? Meduim or Large


Which size

  1. Medium

  2. Large

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  1. If it didn't wow you, you absolutely shouldn't get it. Sounds to me like you love the Large, but def go try again.

    Here is another enabling pic.
  2. I prefer the medium on your wrist. Does the medium not have the date? You cannot settle, this is a LOT of money.
  3. I prefer the medium size. But then I like having the date window too on the large.... If the medium had the date, it'd be a much easier choice! But overall I'd still take the medium size. It seems easier to dress up and down. I see the BB large as much more casual.

    Also, if u want a rolex you shouldnt be afraid just cause of flash. I think a large BB is more attention grabbing than a rolex. I wear a domed bezel with oyster bracelet rolex and no one really notices, it's a much more muted less loud. Something to consider if u still are shopping options.

    Happy shopping! You won't regret the purchase!
  4. No, the medium doesn't have the date...but it's not a must either..
  5. If the M didn't wow you, it's just not the one for you!
  6. Medium is my pick!
  7. Agreed. Buy what speaks to you, OP. You're the one who'll be enjoying it for years to come.
  8. Medium looks best to me.
  9. aaahhhh!!! I'm still confused...until I see them again!! oh geez...I always know what I want...I'm going back tomorrow to make a decision..before the price increase..
    it's so funny..looking at the pictures I like the medium, but when I tried them on..the large one looked better! I can work either one... :smile:
  10. I like the medium on you - sorry, that prob doesn't help!!

    I'm really starting to love the Cartier BB :heart:
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  11. I personally perfer the Medium. I am not a fan of the humongo watch trend. It sounds like the date window may be the dealbreaker and the large seems to appeal to you more. So for you, i woud suggest the large since that one seems to speak to you more. Since neither is a small purchase, go with your gut so you won't regret your choice :biggrin:
  12. I KNOW someone here had a medium with the date. Could you ask the AD about that?
  13. Have you considered going the pre owned route?

    Here's my Large, but i'm a dude.

    I don't wear it anymore, but i'm holding on to it, hoping my gal would eventually grow into it.

    She looks great with it, but she's stuck on a PAM phase now.

    Personally, if your eyes lit up when trying the Large and the Medium was meh to you, get the large. It looks great on your wrist!

    Wish you had pics of the Medium though, but seems like your heart is set. Medium might also be too dainty for your wrist.

    Good luck with your decision!
  14. Not much for pre-owned around here and hate making such a big purchase on the web.. the second pic on the first page is the medium on my wrist...I am going back and taking my time trying them on again...and this time I'll take my coat off!
  15. The large is definitely a statement piece..and I don't usually follow trends, I just wear what I like...

    I may have to sell one or two LV pieces to fund this one!!:push:

    I appreciate everyone's input...TPF rocks!!