Bag Charms for your LVoelies

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  1. I think it looks adorable!! :heart:
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  2. I had purchased a bunch of these clips
    To make a charm and never used them and then found them and I'm obsessed!

    IMG_6219.JPG IMG_6227.JPG
  3. Love my luggage tag used as a bag charm! Or keychain!
  4. i cant get enough of the luggage tags as charms these days!

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  5. IMG_20170714_130608.jpg
    For an important appointment today, I wanted to bring a bag which I felt was classy yet casual enough not to intimidate my client. So it was the violette Roxbury then. As I was getting ready to go, this green elephant fell out of my closet. It was a charity token representing village crafts in Thailand. I think the elephant wanted to follow me out. So I took him out for luck...
    And the meeting went well! 1500010945234.jpeg
  6. Some fun accessories and bagcharm with my monceau bb
  7. :heart:Love this picture the colours and patterns and textures. Your so creative, really up my street, very appreciate the thought put in to your pic design. Your monceau bb is just beautiful. So classic looking in epi. They should bring this back!.
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  8. Thanks! I recently wore this monceau bb on an outing with several of my Hermes adoring friends and they went gaga over it. They all whipped their phones out and started looking for it on eBay after I said I didn't think LV made this bag anymore. But unfortunately, the only colors available on eBay were orange and fuschia. So now I have a waiting list of friends that want to adopt this bag if I ever choose to rehome it. :lol:
  9. Your bag to me is a modern masterpiece in LV bag design. I know they have speedys and alma's that have been around for longer and this a much later design. I just feel it is also a classic design of theirs. The pochette metis seems to be it's modified reincarnation but I think they should have left it alone. LV didnt need to redesign this or make the edges rounded or anything. It's perfect in your version. I prefer your blue monceau bb to any Hermes bags. I think a hermes bag is wasted on me as I've yet to appreciate it's design.
    Don't ever sell it!!
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  10. Pompoms and bunny charms with Twillies tied around one handle~

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  11. After seeing this I went on eBay cause I actually want an orange one..... now seriously debating whether I need another monceau when I already have two (black mm and monogram pm).
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  12. I think I am going to move on it. Orange monceau is absolutely beautiful. I always thought orange is the prettiest color in epi.
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