Bag Charms for your LVoelies

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    To contribute to this post, I will share some of my recent acquisitions: leather prince bag charms.



  2. More from leather prince





    Let's just say, I am a huge fan of his horses........

    Leather prince is a pretty cool dude. He can customize pretty much everything. Color, materials, strap length, monogram initials...... other than horses, he has many other kinds of designs. He has a shop on Etsy, and you can contact him directly for custom orders.
  3. I have also two charms from leatherprince, love them
  4. Neverfull MM with Burberry Thomas Bear & Speedy B 25 with Ladurée keychain :heart:
  5. Screenshot_20170715-194038.png Neverfull mm with a MK charm
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  6. Both look great!
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  7. Thank you! :smile: :heart:
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  8. Wow, thanks for the trip down memory lane! I remember when these charms were huge on the PurseForum circa 2011~2012!
  9. He has created many new designs. I think I will keep buying from him :smile:
  10. I just purchased this! It is on my new-to-me Trevi PM. It wouldn't fit on the square rings the handles are attached to so I clipped it to the ring the strap attaches to! 20170718_100706.jpg 20170718_100727_001.jpg
  11. Gorgeous!
  12. This is so pretty!
  13. I guess I should have said that it is supposed to be an oval diamond showing the flashes of color that diamonds throw out!
  14. Not exactly a charm, but I keep the limited edition transatlantic pochette on the front of my speedy! It's handy as I can put my passport etc. in there, and personally I think it makes the bag look a bit more unique.
  15. IMG_1501054561.431535.jpg
    My new speedy B! ^_^
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