Bag Charms for your LVoelies

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  1. Who doesn't love a little charm for their LVoelies! Found this cutie at Michaels for a steal! $2.50!

    I also have a white poof too that I scored at the local swap meet for $1!!

    Share what your LVoelies are dressed with!

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  2. charm on multicolor speedy noir :amuse:
  3. I've got this charm by my now husband when we were dating 12 years ago...I found it after a long time and now using it again!!!!
  4. IMG_1486322627.045781.jpg
    No brand name metallic leather tassel on my LV Cabas Mezzo. Hoping to get a Hermes twilly or leather charm for my birthday later this year.
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  5. So pretty! I love tassells!
  6. Thanks Loveppamx!
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  7. IMG_1488843166.405234.jpg
    Using my Hermes pocket square in Savannah Dance as a bow-charm on my LV Cabas Mezzo.
  8. Bloomy charm on my Neverfull MM

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  10. My beloved tassel

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  11. Hi einertia- have you had any experience with the clasp on your tassel leaving any marks on your leather?
  12. Hello Vamosena, I'm lucky to say I haven't. But my bags are on rotation and I don't always have the tassel on. Let say it's been on my speedy for a good two months straight and nothing. I am absolutely in love with it, the only thing I can thing of is the bottom kind of flares up after a while. Do you know what I mean? I'm not sure how to explain in English, it just won't stay straight. But it is fixable, I just store it with an hair tie around it and then it is back to normal.
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