Scarves Anyone give up on scarf 90s?

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  1. Silk scarves are back with vengeance. I posted an article somewhere about it, let me see see if I can dig it up- basically Paris fashion week was full of ideas how to wear them. I am now worried they may be TOO trendy, :biggrin:
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  2. Please! I'm very interested in this topic. Always looking for ideas to make scarf wearing fun.
  3. Have you tried sizes that are not 90s? Some of the smaller format likes maxi twillies might be easier to wear and can feel less 'stuffy,' the big ones are cozy and can feel very comfortable, especially when used for warmth.

    Framing them is also a great solution.

    But ultimately, if you don't like scarves, you don't like scarves.

    If you don't have a strong financial motivation to rehome them, I would probably wait and see how you feel in a bit. Alternatively, do you have anyone to delight with your scarves as a gift? A friend, sister, daughter... I have enjoyed giving some of mine away.
  4. I have more than a few carres but have not really worn them. I now consider those I bought as part of my collection, an example of Hermes silk art. I shall simply treasure and keep them as they do not work for me as part of my everyday look. I can however wear my shawls better.
  5. I've also given up on 90s but mostly for size and styling, and instead I now only purchase 140s. I find the 90s size a bit too precious, and doesn't quite go with my more relaxed wardrobe style. I love the ease of a 140, and how it can also double as a shawl on the shoulders when it's chilly (esp in cashmere+silk). That said, I'm always sad when a beautiful design only comes in 90 and doesn't get released in 140. I've rehomed the majority of my 90s except for a few where I simply love the design too much to let them go, and I'm resigned with the fact that they're part of my collection that I admire but don't actually use.
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  6. From now on I’m only buying round scarves so they can double as tablecloths.
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  7. :lol:
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    I'm sort of giving up to buy 90cm scarf for now (luckily i only have 2). Every time I put it on, it just makes me look like a flight attendant (for some weird reasons) i haven't been using it! :-s

    But I love my 140cm ones! they are a lot more wearable to me! :rolleyes:
  9. I wonder if the more minimalist, Modern abstract designs would have been better for you to incorporate into your wardrobe. Maybe that's just your perfect personal style
  10. I'm more a 'chuck on' and go style wearer. We have to bring ourselves to the scarf and not the other way round. One carre may fit all sizewise but there are a million ways to wear them, it's finding a way(s) that works for you
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  11. So true. I think indeed that worrying about knots and matching the clothes can make scarf wearing a bit daunting and that it helps thinking of a scarf as an add on, something eminently practical and not precious. My mum for example, wore her 90s silks at home all the time. Like she would come in, take out her coat and throw in a Hermes or Loewe scarf to cook diner. She would push them on you all the time too, for fear the neck would get cold :amuse:. I wear scarves mainly in Fall and Spring, and more often than not I just tie them around my bag or pop them inside it in a silk pouch just in case it gets chillier or the air conditioning is too high in a conference room. I also wear my Hermes scarves when down with the flu, or when I underwent thyroid surgery. My friends would laugh at me being the best dressed hospital patient but really, if having your neck sliced is not a good reason to wear a soft silk scarf I don’t know what is.. :P One should also not underestimate the power of the easier ways to wear a carree. Witness Christine Lagarde who always wears hers just folded and showing under her jacket and has made it into a signature look.
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  12. It’s nearly impossible to reply to a long Quote on the new app.
    hooray for your mom! She taught you not to be afraid of scarves. I wear mine gardening, hiking, walking the dog, and DEFINITELY when any medical stuff is going on. As someone said, if you don’t like scarves, don’t wear them. But if you do, here we are!

  13. I need an entirely different thread....I used to not like 90's now I love them...So here is another perspective for y'all based on that.

    I used to not like wearing them because it was a lot of silk and very hot for summer. But once I made some adjustments to the kind of knots I use with them, I find I can fluff them up for winter, and folded them down to minimal neck touching in summer (except on the absolute hottest of days).

    As for thinking of them as precious, that is something I have never done (in the way that most people use the word- as in fussy or formal). My main sticking point had been the heat factor. They are only what you make them to be. If you approach them as something to be worn with a suit or that needs lots of fussing with fancy knots, then they will probably seem formal. But if you just view them as something that is part of any outfit, then they just become another tool to be worked with and tools can be adapted.

    How you tie them also affects the "formality" factor. Fancy pleating and bows are generally going to look more formal than a cowboy tie and the more traditional patterns (symmetric overall or with small patterns and with strict borders) probably look a little more formal than the more modern/organic designs that tend to run to the edge and be a little more chaotic and asymmetric.
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  14. I wear one of my most favorite scarves to the dentist as a security blanket!!

    I wear mine all the time honestly. I am lucky in the sense that I have so many that I feel that if something truly horrible were to happen to one, I have lots others to console me :smile: I can see how people with fewer scarves are less comfortable, and so I was, too, when I first started out collecting. Each scarf was that much more precious!
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