Scarves Anyone give up on scarf 90s?

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  1. I love wearing my Modernisme Tropicale too!
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    Here’s one more. You can tuck in the tails if it’s too much scarf. (There was a time when I would have been upset with those scarf tails just hanging out and all those edges showing but nope, not any more.) She looks fairly young-ish in the picture doesn’t she? So I don’t know that scarves are aging... She looks happy... Probably because she has that nice scarf on. Or maybe it’s because she has a horse. Or maybe she looks happy because she gets to ride the horse but that guy over there is paying for it. I do think there is something about the addition of a scarf that makes you look rich. Which is ironic because if you were rich before you started buying H scarves, you won’t be very long. :smile: Good luck with your decision. Consider giving it some time before re-homing or burying.

  3. I recognise what you’re saying, and my two pence is this: there are lots of ways to incorporate them to an outfit other than round the neck (in addition to the TONS of ways to wear round the neck), for example round the waist as a belt/cummerbund. I spent a lot of time looking at MaiTai’s web tutorials, plus scarf of the day thread here is great for inspiration. Ultimately though, yes they’re lovely but if you’re finding it this hard work then just pass on them, life’s too short!
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  4. She looks young because she is young :biggrin:
    I’m not a fan of obviously expensive accessories , I think the scarf should look like something casual, an afterthought.
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  6. OMG - I feel exactly the same way.!!! I've posted before about how 90's no longer work for me but, I can't bring myself to part with them. I have several beautiful patterns that work with my skin tone, but somehow, every time I try to wear one, it doesn't feel right. A scarf should feel effortless and seamlessly tie an outfit together. Whenever I try to wear a 90, it feels very "forced". I think it's the material that makes 90's feel more formal and while I love the feel of silk, the silk scarves don't drape as well on my body. However, CSGM's are another story. They are the perfect casual, throw on with any outfit or with a jacket, type of scarf and I've come to prefer them over 90's. I read that 90's in silk/cashmere may be coming back (hopefully no fringe). I'm super excited to try this format as it may be the happy medium. I actually like the size of the smaller silk/wool men's scarves - the material and the size really work with my wardrobe.
  7. I still love 90s and the fantastic art the size offers. But after discovering the giant triangles, iterations of MTs and losanges, I’ve limited my selection of 90s to perhaps 1 to 2 per season. Too, I’ve been experiencing neck/shoulder issues (due to work stress - constantly hunched over a computer) so I’m extremely sensitive to any weight around that area. My office also runs hot and cold (the ac and heat have minds of their own), so there’s this need for me to constantly wrap and unwrap my silks. With a 90, that becomes difficult because I typically wear in elaborate knots or folds or with a scarf ring. With triangles, MTs and losanges, I can wrap around easily and casually. At this point, I’m looking at silks for their ease of wear. But that’s not going to stop me from buying a 90. I can’t wait for the CLF!!!
  8. I was in a similar position, loved 90s but they didn’t love me. I have given up on them. I love 70s as a bandana or head scarf and use my CSGMs for cooler weather and travel.
    I re-homed my 90s... some were highly coveted but I just couldn’t leave them stored in their boxes... they deserved love from a new owner.
    Good luck!
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  9. I've never looked into Hermes scarves and have only bought several twillies in the past to use on my bags' handles. However, I just attended a silks event at my Hermes boutique last week and I was so inspired! They showed us many different ways to wear different sized scarves and I bought a 90cm Jungle Love scarf. The SA doing the demonstration referred to herself as a silks ambassador and she showed how to use/tie the scarf as a top, skirt, turban, headscarf, belt, etc. I never knew there could be so many uses. They are truly pieces of art!
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  10. u papparazzi u!
    DH wishes!

    Humor aside—love/hate 90s: my personal journey over my first year H—purchased a couple and wondered why would anyone want this format? that was 30 or so ago— discovered ultimate flexibility for me as long as 1) color worked and 2) it wasn’t stiff and balloony, so I could do a necklace tie in hot weather or layer under jacket/sweater in cool. Softer CS blend or vintage silk my favorite but a color-fast silk 90 can be washed into submission.

    Quickly rehomed if unworkable, tho the resale market slowed recently and my drawers are a bit clogged.
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  11. Welcome to the orange slide.
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  12. I still love the classic 90s, but I have to say, after discovering gavroches (after a disingenuous Hermes SA insisted I tried) I have to admit I wear them much less... Now I want to also get a giant triangle, for the big triangle on front look without the extra double fabric.
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  13. I bought a scarf (not H) with one of my first paychecks. I liked scarves as art but never really wore them. I live in the tropics, so scarves are not a necessity. Then one day, I realized that almost everyone in the frigid office was swaddled in a scarf or bundled in a coat, and I recalled the pile of silk in my wardrobe. I associated silk scarves with formal wear, so at first I felt self-conscious and awkward. Then I figured there were no fashion police in the office :idea: Now I wear scarves with abandon. The 90s have the widest range of designs and cws but my favourites for ease of wear are 70cm and 100cm.

    If 90s don't work for you, try another size. Gavroches are good due to, uhm, low economic impact :giggle: but since you live somewhere cold, why not try on a CSGM instead? Try on different cws till you find colours which make you look great. Check out the men's department for designs in more subdued cws or monotones. Don't feel obliged to buy anything just because the design is popular or someone else looked good in it or the scarf looks beautiful flat. I can hem and haw over two scarves for an hour trying to make up my mind over which I prefer, and my SA always reminds me to try them on and look in the mirror. And if I still can't make up my mind after an hour, it's probably because neither scarf belongs in the "can't live without it" category.
  14. I think the feeling of “not matching” mainly before how we treat the scarf. If we keep feeling it is a very expensive accessory on each time you knot it, you will never feel comfort with it. Treat it as a watch or a necklace that we wear everyday will be fine. Scarf can easily match with jeans and vest easily. And very rock style with leather biker jacket as well. You can found quite a lots of reference in IG.

    Scarf helps easily get dress up with scarf ring, which is especially good for me as I don’t want to buy so much clothes for special occasions.

    To make a scarf more code with your clothes, my suggestion is to match with the colour of your scarf. Like if my scarf contains white, blue, pink and orange. I will wear a t-shirt with one of theses colours. It makes me feel more comfort to match the whole style.
  15. Personally, for me, I use scarves to keep warm. My work is freezing. They keep the temperature at 68F so I started to wear scarves only to work to keep my neck area warm. I rarely wear them outside of work except for the CSGM on chilly days. If I wasn't in this situation of needing to keep warm at work, I may have never become interested in them.
    On what to do with them post usefulness, I will consign them or sell on poshmark to someone who will get use out of them. And, I've never looked back on anything I've consigned and regretted it. I usually pick something I haven't worn in a while and don't see myself wearing it anytime soon. So, if you are already thinking about their usefulness in your wardrobe, then it may be time to part with them or reuse them for another purpose like framing, throw pillows, etc.
    Good luck.