How to Wear a 90cm Carre/Silk Twill Casually?

  1. Hello Scarfies! :wave: I'm hoping some of you will come out and play with me on this thread. I got the idea from the "How do you wear your Kelly casually" thread because I seem to have an issue with 90cm silk twill scarves. I have a heck of a time figuring out how to tie and match these silky treasures to my casual outfits. I recently moved to LA and my outfits here are so much more casual than on the east coast. On most days, I'm running around in a Vince T-shirt (black or gray) and linen pants. I would love to wear my 90cm silk carres with this outfit but they just seem incompatible.

    I've heard many of you say "I've put myself on a 90cm ban" and I too have done the same, but unfortunately, most of the new designs that come out are in this format. So although I'm not supposed to buy new 90cms, I always do because they are too beautiful to resist. So instead of feeling guilty about the 90cms in my drawer, I'd like to try and figure out how I can get more use out of them. I'm hoping many of you also are in the same boat as me, and collectively, we can share ideas, modeling pics, musings, etc. about our little dilemma. And only buying 140cms, can sure do some damage to my wallet! I have my fair share of CSGMs, 140 silk twills, and 140 mousselines, but they are expensive (yikes!) and the design and colorway selection is limited.

    Here are some random thoughts but if you have any new ones, please share them!

    So my first idea was...maybe the silky material of a 90cm carre and typical t-shirt material just don't "go together"? Even my nicer Vince t-shirts seem incompatible with silk twill. Have any of you found a T-shirt brand that you swear by that work with 90cm silk twills?

    Then I jumped to, perhaps I just need to find the right knot? I find the typical ways of wearing scarves look formal/dressy. Or is it just me? To me, a cowboy knot is pretty casual, but what other knots also emit this casual vibe? Do you have any suggestions? Would love to see pics!

    And lastly, is it the design and/or cw that gives a 90cm its formal or casual vibe? For instance, will scarves that have gold, black, and white always look more dressy than a scarf that has many different bright colors? Or does the design have more to do with it? Is there a design "type" such as fun or whimsical that gives the scarf it's casual personality? I'd really like to get everyone's opinions on this because then I can focus my searches to just the casual designs and cws?

    I'm hoping as a big scarf community, we will have some killer suggestions and answers to this seemingly widespread problem.

  2. I think scarfs are great. With scarfs you can quickly give clothes a totally different look.

    If you wear a neutral H scarf to bold colours it will tone down the clothes and give a more classical look. At the same time colourful H scarves are a good way to pop some black/grey clothes and make them more fun but still feel classy.

    Unfortunatelly I stink at tying my scarves.
  3. So here's my 90 cm scarf drawer collection. I decided to sort them quickly into two piles. No rhyme or reason to the decision. Just a gut feeling. I think I've found the first problem. I think most of my scarves are "dressy". The first pic is dressy and the second is casual. Is this how you would have sorted them too?
  4. I've pondered the same issue. One knot I use with T shirts is to start with a thin and tight version of the basic bias fold, and then tie a single very flat knot in the dead center -- with a little coaxing, the knot makes a downward-pointing triangle, with the ends coming up off the upper corners. those ends can then be tied behind one's neck. myh.JPG
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    OMG we must have the same colouring, or at least the same colour sensibility, because our scarf drawers are identical! I'm very surprised you say it's difficult to wear scarves casually. I only really wear them with "off duty" looks because for the life of me I can't wear them with work attire (or at least a complete suit) without looking like a flight stewardess! IMO and IME scarves really bring the colour and refined, finishing touch to a basic outfit. I don't even try to perfect how I knot -- it just kind of works itself out! I don't invest much in clothing because I redirect funds towards all my accessories. My outfits are usually the "base" on which I build around with scarves, jewellery, shoes and handbags. I'm sure you look great with jeans, a basic t and a scarf! It's not so much what you wear but the attitude you have when you wear it. Own the look and werk!

    I'm not sure but I think you and I are around the same age. I suggest you also pay attention to how you style your hair. If you're "too done" you may wind up looking matronly (or like a flight stewardess). Beachy waves, a flirty ponytail, a messy bun or a side braid keeps it young, chic and "effortless."
  6. Nahreen - I totally agree that scarves can give clothes a totally different look which is why I keep buying them! I just wish I could wear my 90cms more often.

    Azalie - you look so fantastic in your pic! So, my observations are that your scarf has casual colors (blue/gray) and that you've tied your necklace so it's kind of high - like a scarf choker. I think you've totally pulled off the casual look! And the backdrop seems to be helping too! Nautical chic.

    Pazdzernika - high five on being scarf drawer twins! :ghi5: I think you are so right about the hair. I have long straight black hair and I do find that sometimes when I put in beachy waves, it does change the whole vibe of my outfit. I guess it probably works with scarves too! I will have to practice a side braid or messy bun -my hair does not want to do either of those styles without staying put. I'm also like you - stick with a neutral wardrobe and accessorize with H. Thanks for your suggestions! They are so appreciated.
  7. I'm actually wearing a t-shirt with my scarf today. I buy pretty much all my tees from Everlane, but I have a few from Uniqlo, and Anthropologie (before their quality took a nosedive). I think it's a matter of what knot you do - I tend to do a variation on the cowboy knot, or sometimes I do the classic bias knot but I flip the tail behind my neck so you just have the loop of fabric in the front. This works best with a casual jacket on top. That's the knot I did in my first pic with Laboratoire du Temps. I made the classic knot work with Au Coeur de la Vie because it's a bright design and I paired it with the utility jacket. The other 2 pics are a cowboy knot, which is also what I'm wearing today...

    I have a harder time making the look work with the classic, horse-y designs, but you have a lot of cool designs in your collection that should work. I bet your De la Mer au Ciel in a cowboy know with a white tee is dynamite - try it! ExLibris en Kimonos too - you have more fun designs than you think!

    I pulled a few pics from the archive, when I was in Venice in May. I hope they're helpful
    2014-05-07 16 32 10.jpg 2014-05-08 13 16 44.jpg 2014-05-11 15 21 57.jpg 2014-05-15 14 36 20.jpg
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  8. I am thrilled that you started this thread!! I am always looking for interesting ways to incorporate my 90's into my weekend casual wear! I can't wait to see what our fabulous tpfers reveal!!
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    OK, I should be going instead of answering to this thread, but I can't resist ;)
    I had this issue for years, and didn't wear my scarves because I felt old with them. Until I got Point d'orgue, and wore it everyday… Then I took out all my other scarves, cleaned them, and got into the habit of wearing a scarf almost everyday. Usually with a t-shirt, since I was working from home.
    I got another scarf for my birthday. And… it feels weird, it makes me feel like a grandma again.

    So… my advice is to wash the scarf and remove the "apprêt" (I can't find the right translation): the thing that is in the scarf, and that makes it almost solid, and hard to bent.
    Once your silk is soft, and flowing, it's easier to knot and to wear casually, imo ;)

    And if you still don't feel good with your scarves, just give them to me, I'll make good use of them ;) (wouldn't mind having de la mer au ciel or ex-libris en kimono !)
  10. Sorry in advance for what I'm going to say, you're my silk friend, and I love you as the sister in PdO you'll be next season ( :P ), but... this is the most stupid thing I read on this forum ;) I don't think there is such a thing as "dressy" or "casual" H scarf!
    It all depends on how you knot them, and what you wear them with.
  11. Here's today's outfit: DKNY t-shirt, levi's jeans, Bass shoes, and :
    - brand new Cosmos, still stiff, big knot.
    - "old" Raconte-moi le cheval, soft, casual. You can see that the knot is more relaxed, not overwhelming, and the silk goes even lower.

    Let me know if you think this casual or dressy.
    1412974521635.jpg 1412974534797.jpg
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  12. Ahh...ok good suggestion. Wash my scarves so they are more fluid and drapey! OK, got it.

    Melora - you made me laugh out loud with this post. Well, I'm glad you told me I am being totally ridiculous with my dressy and casual scarf classification. That's what I need to hear! I totally see a difference in the same knot with cosmos and raconte. My scarves are headed to the washing bin!
  13. Sophieg - thanks so much for your pictures! I love the backdrop of Venice too. I think your utility jacket really helps with the casual vibe. My favorite is the cowboy knot in your last pic and the striped shirt. I'm also going to check out everlane and uniqlo tees. I agree with the classic horsey designs being harder to incorporate into a casual outfit. Thanks for the inspiration!
  14. Very interesting thread. It's so interesting seeing everyone's idea of casual outfits. There are quite a few scarf experts here so would love to see more photos. papertiger has quite the collection and we must get her on board...
  15. love this look! I need to try this.