Scarves Anyone give up on scarf 90s?

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  1. I have NOT given up on silk 90's. But I confess to paring down my collection a considerable bit. Once I fell down the very slippery CSGM slope; I find that when the weather seems cool enough to wear a 90 cm twill that I more often reach for the larger and warmer alternative.

    In the summer months - much more than 3 months duration in my hot and steamy state - I am increasingly prone to wear a 90 cm mousseline. So 90 cm is not persona/scarfona non grata at all!
  2. I for one LOVE the 90's. I think they are the perfect size! It's really the only format I buy. They are large enough to provide coverage when desired and can also be folded smaller when desired. For the ways I normally wear my scarves the 90's are perfect for me!
  3. “Gardening, hiking, walking the dog...” I LOVE, love, love, that, and am so inspired to hear it! Exactly. Why not? There is no point in saving such beautiful things. Life is short. We should make every moment sweet. :heart: :flowers:
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  4. Use the good silver. Use the good china! Light that fancy candle. Otherwise, what?
  5. Thanks everyone. This has given me a lot of food for thought. I have been giving them a try with a “uniform” (solid colour pants, white button down or a solid colour top that matches the base colour of the scarf and worn with an H scarf ring). It seems to be working better that way for me. I am not rushing out to buy new scarves but I have not sold anything either.

    I also have CGSM I love (Un rose pour Alma in various blues) but have not worn so I need to find a way to work with that too. At least I am not thinking about selling that one.
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  6. You will found a perfect one for the 2020 SS release.
  7. It will look more casual for knots without scarf rings. There are tons of ideas shown in IG.
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  8. I have the opposite situation as some because I overheat easily at my job. If I put one on when I leave home it usually lives in my coat pocket once I get to work. Probably for the best as I am often surrounded by 6 year olds waiving paint brushes around in the air.

    I can only imagine what type of expression my dentist would have if I refused the paper bib in favor of a silk scarf :lol:
    My white/red Cheval Surprise would really make them wonder if I was okay.
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  10. I think one way of deciding, is to take a series of photos of three or four your favourite ensembles,each both with and without several scarves, tied various ways...( if you know someone who loves accessorizing get some assistance with this. ) It really helps to see how something looks in a photo, otherwise we can be intimidated by a new visual element, complicating what we think of as our style, when we see it in the mirror. You need an external viewpoint here.. There was something you liked about the scarves, whether it was the colour, the design content, or the feel of the silk. (Actually your clean lines and monochromatic colours make your wardrobe perfect for accessorizing.) You may not want them on all the time, just when out and about and doing errands and tied round your bag when you have your coat off, or you may just bias fold them to a manageable width and draped around your shoulders loose, just as a doesn’t have to make what you wear look “busy”, just accented. Maitai’s picture book has some great examples of a clean monochromatic wardrobe with accents.
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  11. Photos make a big, positive difference because they let you see the scarf as others do, realize that some characteristic really isn’t as personal perception indicates.
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  12. This is a very interesting discussion.
    After collecting a number of silk scarf designs, I have moved to only wearing the cashmere scarfs. It simply works better with my style (no style, hahah!). I love the designs, the weight and the softness of cashmere. Plus I worry about the treatment and diet of those silk worms... The companies would do great to increase the transparency of their production and sourcing processes.
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  13. This is a fascinating thread. I agree the "just stuff it under whatever you are wearing" is a great way to incorporate 90's without it being all about the scarf. Even the most ordinary outfit looks elevated with just a peep of scarf showing.
  14. I do this too - I can range farther afield in colorways, if the scarf contains a decent amount of my wardrobe neutrals (navy or gray for me). I like the advice to think of it like a watch. The scarves actually are quite hardy (like a good watch) and once I realized I wasn't going to hurt them, it was easier for me to wear them casually.