Scarves Anyone give up on scarf 90s?

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  1. I am sorry if this belongs somewhere else.

    I love Hermes silk scarves. I think many of the designs are beautiful. I have seven and I rarely wear them. My style is very much about clean lines and monochrome colours (neutrals, jewel tones and some lighter shades of blue).

    I have some scarves which are more modern (shadow BGD) and some that are more traditional (equator).

    My wardrobe is a great backdrop for scarves but I really just don’t feel like “me” when I wear them. But I look at them in the store and I love them.

    I am debating rehoming some of them. But then I am worried I will regret it. Anyone been there? What did you wind up doing in the end? Were you able to make the scarves work for you?

    Usually I am very disciplined and decisive about my style choices so I am a bit frustrated with myself.
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  2. I cannot make 90s work, they are either just not me or I’m not talented enough to style them. I end up looking matronly or contrived. I also think I was buying what I loved without regard to what worked in my wardrobe.
  3. Hi,
    I hear you ... what are the 7 in your collection right now? Hermes scarves are like artwork to me. Personally, I framed some of my silk pieces, either hang them in my homes or give to my friends over special occasions. This is my answer to you about “what did we wind up doing”.
    Also, now that we are stepping into fall/winter (if you are in the US), I found myself grabbing a scarf to go around my neck versus summer times.
    Just my $0.02 cents input.
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  4. Also, I learned a lot just by browsing “the how do guide scarves” and the very interesting “SOTD” threads as many of the creative members frequently throw up new ways in wearing the 90s.
  5. They are tricky!! I hear you...I had a couple and sold all but the simplest one. I try to throw it on w a simple outfit and I think that works.

    I think the challenge is that H scarves can kinda dominate an outfit. Now, that's why we love them also, but it's important to make it feel natural when you wear them...which to be hard to do with any but the most neutral scarf
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  6. I have equator (blue/purple), BdG shadow (white/pink/red), cosmographia (blue jean and hot pink), BdG tattoo (navy/white), jungle love in the blues and two that I genuinely cannot remember the name of. One is black/white/orange and the other is more traditional. They are all lovely. I just don’t feel like me when I wear them (with maybe the exception of the BdG shadow). I also prefer the feel of the wash scarf. Definitely warmer.

    I am in a very cold climate. I could wear them in spring/summer. In winter for outdoors I need really warm stuff.
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  7. Hi CMilly,
    do you know why you do not feel like yourself when you wear them? Is it because you do not like the look or because you physically feel uncomfortable with them (getting in your way, to fussy etc.)? If it is the latter, 90s might not be your thing, but if it is the former, I would try to give it a bit more thought. Your collection seems to be very diverse, but soemtimes a design is not for you .... Check the scarves that you wear or like most vs. the ones you do not wear at all - is there a pattern? I have realized for myself, that I do not like a lot of color or pattern - I feel it is just to "wild" for me. I always purchase the most monochrome cw there is for a design. If I purchase multi-color, it is always either a color family (e.g. reds and pinks, orange and brown) or if there is a real contrast, the design has a very limited number of colors (e.g. "Peinture Fraiche" in white-black-purple"). I tend to buy clear, geometric designs but hardly ever flowery of animal designs, with only two exceptions: designs from Clerc and Dallet - they are totally my thing.
    Maybe you picked some designs that you would like framed or on others more than you like them on yourself? I have had instances where I went into the boutique to try a design I loved from the booklets, only to leave with a completely different scarf my SA suggested and which I would have never tried on just based on the first appeal of the design.

    I would suggest to do an experiment bevor you decide to rehome them (unless of course, they are mint): Force yourself to wear them for 1 or 2 weeks straight and see whether you just need to get used to them. You can wear them in a fancy way (there are lot of tutorials around here) or just do the Cowboy or a simple knot or pull the ends reverse through the scarf ring. It does wonders to a pair of jeans and a simple white business shirt ....

    I hope you find your way of owning them.
  8. I am very casual and find I wear mine a lot more than I expected. I use them to dress up a business outfit (I usually wear black) or yes, throw on over a white shirt. I also like a combination of a white shirt under a sweater and with a scarf if I'm visiting a cold climate. In addition to the great suggestions already in the thread, perhaps visit an H boutique and tell them how you're feeling about your 90s and they can make suggestions. Some of the SAs in Paris for example are incredible at picking the right colors to flatter the wearer and showing ways to style it. This is why I like to buy scarves in Paris!
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  9. Thank you for the detailed response and good advice. I am having a hard time getting used to wearing them because my clothing style is so simple/minimalist. Even though I wear colour it always tonal/monochromatic with clean lines. Maybe I just need to try it and try to get used to it!
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  10. I know what you mean, I’m not 100% convinced I’m a scarf wearer either. I find that if I mess around with tying a scarf, trying to make it perfect, it feels contrived and I end up feeling uncomfortable and taking it off. I’ve learned to stick with the first (usually scruffy, and always simple) tie attempt, and head out the door. I only wear scarves in cooler weather, in the summer it’s too much for me, so I don’t buy too many :smile:
  11. I'm kinda like you but I think it's worth keep exploring ways you are comfortable wearing scarves in daily life. I'm in Nor Cal so it's extremely causal and an elaborated knot just don't feel right. However I think I like doing basic folds when wearing t-shirts and I also wrap it around my neck then turn the majority of scarf backward so it's barely noticeable in the front. I do have a habit of wearing it just for the commute hours and when things get busy I take my scarves off and leave them in my purse - but they are so pretty to look at so it's worth it. They've also helped me started my insta and it's nice to chat with people that have similar interests.
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  12. I have a lot of 90 scarves but in the last couple of years I find that they age me when I wear them. I can’t make them look youthful and hip on me. I have perused the many threads on how to tie a scarf and I think they just looks great on others (eg Kleider in the post above) but maybe because of how I dress the Hermes 90 scarves don’t work with my outfits. I have not rehomed any of them (and have no plans to) so they just sit in my drawers.
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  13. I’ve been there myself more than once, that should give away the fact that I think it’s worth hanging on to at least some of them long term.
    I started wearing them many years ago, the traditional horsey sort , which were in at that time. After a couple of years I found them very boring .so gave them to my mother. .
    After she left this earth I reclaimed them and decided to look at selling them.I was fascinated by the vibrant market for H scarves on EBay , and being intrigued fell upon some scarf blogs and this forum. Now I own about 20 .
    I’m still not a real scarfie ; I also dress minimally and often in subdued monotone . I like casual edgy Japanese and European style and thankfully never have to wear suits or smart office wear. I often wear a 90cm with wide cropped jeans , boots and a little jumper.
    I sometimes like to celebrate being scarfless and that feels right, a scarf would ruin the look .
    But sometimes I’ll literally sling on a silk 90 cm and think it looks cool .
    The designs I prefer now , after years of experimentation, are mainly graphic. I love nature , but don’t wear florals ever.Those I find staid .
    I find the busy colourful designs less useful , mainly wear those around my head or as a hairband with navy or grey linen in Summer.
  14. I used to feel the way you do, and was thinking my 90s would make snazzy toilet seat covers until I figured out how to wear the scarf without it being all about The Scarf. As a newbie scarf tie-er, the only thing I knew how to do was lay it over my shoulders, or bias fold it into a long sailor knot like Mrs. C my high school AP English teacher. If you feel funny about over-the-clothes applications, try stuffing it into your clothes. Don’t be all precious about it. Just knot, stuff, and go. (N.B. Do not read any of my posts about how I freak out about edges.) Tuck it inside a shirt, or twist, knot and tuck inside the neckline of a sweater, or over a turtleneck under a down jacket. When I started doing that, wearing 90s started to be fun and my plain outfits got a lot more finished looking in an easy, fast way without having to wear a bunch of jewelry.


    Or this...


    The effect looks polished but doesn’t feel overwhelming. That’s how I came to terms with my 90s and why they are not now sofa doilies or buried in the yard.

    And then of course, you can always wear your scarves the way we all love, the classic Hermes pirate head wrap. I believe this is @Jbizzybeetle on her way to the beach.

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  15. For me, a H 90s is a piece of art.
    I like to look at them, see some new details every time I do so.
    I have bought one, Under the Waves, because I liked the design so much, this beautiful turtle in the corner ( I like turtles), the fish and so on.
    Every time I look at it I see something new.
    But I rarely wear this scarf because the motive does not work for me around the neck.
    The colours are absolutely beautiful but the do not work with my hair.
    But I would never give this scarf away: I keep it just to look at it.
    Please do not laugh, but it gives me peace and makes me happy just to look at this nice turtle.
    I have another one, Modernism Tropical, a present from my DH.
    The design is nothing special to me, I do not " get" it.
    But it looks absolutely great around my neck, I wear it very often.
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