Anyone else ripped off by

  1. Im not sure if this is off topic but I wondered if Caroldiva does other brands besides LV's? :biggrin:
  2. Carol does several different brands, she is very, very professional and has a wonderful reputation. I would advise you to contact her.
  3. I have used Castira before and was very pleased with the way things were done:biggrin: I was just wondering in general if Caroldiva does other brands, thats all.
  4. hi gggirl - I did not see that this was your question :whistle:

  5. Thank you, I might use her as well in the future:biggrin:
  6. Thats alright, someone already answered it for me....thanks!:smile:
  7. I had a chloe authenticated by carol and she was very quick, I think she doesn't do all brands though, so worth to email her and see.
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    Oh dear, I don't know what to think! She has authenticated several LVs & Chanels for me, each time it's correct (corroborated by the Authenticate Thread & compared with genuine bags I bought at LV & Chanel)! Maybe she is not good with Dior & Chloe! I'm concerned... Is she a forum member? It would be great if she could come in here and give her side of the story. :yes:
  9. hi there just had a positive and correct authentication on a chloe from carol within a very quick time frame . have yet to hear from paypal but it should go my way fingers crossed.
  10. That's great news. Keep us posted!
  11. yay won my case :woohoo::yahoo:was a nightmare dealing with eBay ( their staff cant even pronounce authenticate on four seperate occasions untill eventually i surgested she just avoided using the word) but i have my money back and caroldiva was a huge help in doing this . i found her quick reasonable and friendly so recomended.
  12. Hi Guys, Ive also had this happen to me, paid mypoupette for authentication service and recieved nothing. I also had a Mypoupette seller using my photos and they didnt take any action. I now use CarolDiva and the purse forum, I find Carol is very good at LV and Gucci.
  13. I agree that´s carol are really good to LV,

    but not for Gucci - seen more times that she had given a fake an authentic - I would say use Carol for LV - for Gucci - just my own opinion.