Anyone else ripped off by

  1. I had no idea they charged that much! Overcharging for terrible service won't last long...
  2. The cynical side of me thinks that they basically operate to suck in the casual or 'first time user'. Get the $10 and run. It's so pathetic.
  3. What's more ironic is thier page about fraud on their website:

    What are your remedies if you have been a victim of fraud? Here are the basic steps to take:
    1. Call your credit card company to ask if they offer any protection for you. It was often thought that use of a credit card would better protect the consumer who purchases online. However, many credit card companies' policies hold that if you willingly provide your card number to a third party (i.e., PayPal), then your problem must be resolved with that third party, not the issuing card company. If you paid someone directly by credit card (no third party), then call your credit card company to dispute of the charge...."​
  4. That's their theory: people will chase several hundreds of dollars worth of fraud. But $10, who's going to go to much effort to retrieve $10? It's hardly worth it. That's how the theory goes. I love how they charge mega bucks for people to be My Poupette Resellers, supposedly because of the 'prestige' and trustworthiness that the My Poupette brand confers. Which is complete rubbish. It's a disgrace. Someone should shut them down IMO.
  5. I've been waiting since November 2007 for them to authenticate an eBay auction. I, too called & emailed. They still have my $ & I have no communication.

    Completely worthless, imo.
  6. This has been going on for ages.
    MP taking your $10 and running. I posted this last year, but now's the time to give it another airing. go on folks, try it out for yourselves, it worked a treat for me.

    Originally Posted by grizzlym [​IMG]
    Re my poupette's feeble customer service: My wife went through the same saga about 2 months ago... In my opinion it's clearly a borderline scam, in that who's going to really pursue them for $10? Well me. After weeks of silence, I discovered their achilles heal, finally roused them and got refund in a matter of minutes. Some feeble excuse about anti-spam software was offered... enjoy...

    Happy July 4 Donna,

    Me again. Did you put my $10 towards a turkey perhaps? Since I haven’t heard back from you nor have I received a refund yet, I’m assuming you’ve skipped the country. You're hardly engendering confidence Donna, so I was sitting here thinking about how I can warn people of your apparent habit of nabbing $10 (and presumably more substantial sums) without delivering the goods, when I started poking around your site.

    I liked your page on ‘My Poupette Recommended Sellers’, especially the bit about the code of ethics. That made me laugh – from my point of view and many others out there in cyber space, ethics doesn't appear to be your strong suit. But then I had an ephinany. You’re presumably signing up all these ‘sellers’, for something more substantial than $10, based on the perception of My Poupette’s reputation right? Like seriously, you guys are on the nose. The question is: do the sellers know that?

    So I thought, I wonder if all the ‘authorised sellers’ who are probably, in the most part, honest trusting people like myself, would do if they knew what people are currently saying about you? And then, the eureka moment... you so conveniently have the email addresses of all your ‘authorised sellers’ on your website, and I wondered if they would like to know how their investment in My Poupette is tracking. Bet they would Donna. So I’m going to drop them all an email, introduce myself, relate the story of my $10 and attempts to get it back and, this is the kicker, include links to the various forums where your ‘code of ethics’ is currently being dissected.

    Must go now. But, as a courtesy, I’ll send you through the draft email to the ‘resellers’ for your comments. Got to run it by my lawyer first.Trust you’re enjoying the happiness my $10 is obviously buying you. And don’t wear yourself out authenticating or whatever it is you do. Or don't do.

    Have a grand day
  7. use caroldiva. she's the best, i always use her
  8. MP needs to hire some of us lol.

    Side note: I emailed them a copy of the fake "authentication certificate" the goyard scammer has been using and low and behold.................
    I received an email response the next day!!!!!!!

  9. Great letter! :tup: And I thought they were SO REPUTABLE! Glad you got your money! I hope the OP does too! :yes:
  10. Have any of you guys ever filed a complaint with PayPal/your CC company, etc? I would imagine that if they were suddenly hit with a flood of complaints or were suddenly staring at legal action they would either be forced to pony up for services or refund the $$. It might only be $10 but $10 x however many people they've clearly ripped off = BIG $$.
  11. people on this forum have. PayPal couldn't do anything because they only had $1 in their account. Just enough to keep the cash register open, not enough for PayPal to anything. So you got to assume they routinely empty the account! Confirms suspicions doesn't it? Last i heard PayPal had pulled the pin.
  12. What do you mean, closed their account?
  13. Someone posted something to that effect months ago. I'm not sure if that's true or not.

  14. i would not trust them either. all they have to do is pay her a fee to be declared one of her trusted sellers. i know several ladies that bought from one of these because they trusted them only to get a bag and find out it is a fake! one girl asked LV corporate about this woman and her "certified" service and they told her they do not know who she is and she is not affiliated with their company - if they want any item authenticated they need to have an LV boutique to do it or it is not worth anything! i could not agree more!:tup:
  15. As i wrote in my reply: i'm sure many of the MP Resellers are honest people who are trying to convey that they are. Hence 'buying into' what they think is a reputable 'program'. So, in a sense, they are also being taken for a ride, because the My Poupette 'endorsement means very little.