Any Romance book readers here on tPF

  1. No, in this thread people love a variety of romance authors.

    When I first started, I read contemporary romances, but I'm fascinated with the nobility and Regency, Edwardian, and Georgian periods, so now I read the majority of those kinds of books.

    oceansportrait - I will have to check that series out.

    boxermom - I can't remember which one it was.

    If you ladies read really fast, I HIGHLY encourage you all to check out the romance collections at your local libraries, my County library's collection is massive.

    Also, check out the e-books.

    I also started listening to the audio books.....I find that books I just CAN'T get into, or normally would NOT read in print, I get another perspective through audio--I think it the narration...Highly advise checking this out.
  2. I've never tried audio books. Doesn't it get awkward when it gets to the intimate scenes?
  3. nah, it's actually interesting to hear the narrator..sometimes I laugh, it just depends. I listen to them (with headphones) when walking the dog, in my car to work, or when I'm sitting at my desk (sometimes). N
  4. I love Loretta Chase, Kate Noble, Christina Dodd, Lisa Kleypas, Elizabeth Hoyt, Georgette Heyer, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips (she is the only contemporary author i like) . And recently I've been keeping my eye on Rose Lerner.

    But my all time fav author: Jane Austen.
  5. Lisa Kleypas and Jodie Thomas (historical) is the only writers that I will still purchase at full-price or get from the library.
  6. I have been reading romances since I was a teenager. I prefer contemporary books, but amazing authors usually can drag me away from what I prefer (i.e Lisa Kleypas)

    I'm really excited about Toni Blake's new book Willow Springs. Hope I can start reading this weekend.
  7. So I just finished Thoughtless after recommendation here on tPF. I wanted to smack the girl Kiera on the head, I was so annoyed with her throughout the book. This makes me wonder. Are there any romance books with strong female characters and even stronger Alpha men? I can't do insecure, emotional fragile women. It's just not for me.

    Do you have any recs for me?
  8. I just finished Thoughtless and Effortless. While I though Thoughtless was "ok" Effortless was really, really good I thought. The romance level in it was much better and Kiera grew up a lot and is not nearly as annoying.
  9. Well .. I began reading the effortless too but I still get annoyed by her. I skipped through some pages here and there and read the ending. Still not liking her.

    Reading Bared to you now. So far I'm enjoying it :smile:
  10. Finished Bared to you. This one I liked. I will definitly be reading the follow up when it comes in October. Any recs for similar books to this one?
  11. Loved that one too! Can't wait until October!!! :sweatdrop:
  12. Yes, I've been browsing for similar books. Have you read Slammed?
  13. I'm reading it right now. It's depressing me though. :crybaby:
  14. Ohh no, I had high hopes for that one. Hmm.... ok, I need to find something else then. Any suggestions?
  15. I know you didn't like Thoughtless, but I promise Effortless was better. It ended up being right up there with Bared To You for me. Easy is a cute, simple read too... not quite up there with the others, but a good quick read.

    I literally just finished Slammed it was emotional. Don't know if I will read the second one. Thinking about starting Love Unscripted.