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  1. I mean like the traditional one Regency, Georgian, Harlequin, Silhouette.

    If so what are some of your favorite Authors or book titles.

    I've probably been reading them since middle school and they are my personal addiction. I read so many books, I'm thinking of becoming a book reviewer for a site.

    Some favorite authors: Loretta Chase, Cathy Maxwell, Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverly and the list goes on....

    Many people are ashamed to say they read them (case of some of the cover are LOL), but with all these new erotica books, these books are like nursery school books.

    I'm not into the erotica, I like the plot, eras (Regency) description of the times/fashions of these books the most.
  2. My sister loves Loretta Chase too.

    My two favourites are Lisa Kleypas and Judith Mcnaught. I used to like Johana Lindsey and Amanda Quick - but haven't really been as interested in them as much.

    I also like reading Mills & Boons from the 50s to the 70s - especially for their descriptions of different times and places. It's so funny to see what was considered the height of fashion at the time.
  3. oldie but goodie, angel in red by jennifer wilde...was shocked to know that it was written by a man. su
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    I read TONS of historical romance books!! Here are some of my favorite authors: Connie Mason, Lisa Kleypas, Cheryl Holt, Kat Martin,Tacy Anne Warren, Elizabeth Hoyt, and Eloisa James!!! When you dont have romance in your life you can read it instead!!! :P
  5. Judith Mcnaught! omg she is a really good author! after reading Paradise, i started buying all her books
  6. I'm reading something all the time, including romances, both contemporary and historical. Years and years ago I stumbled upon a Georgette Heyer Regency and went in search of all her books. I'd have saved them if we didn't move so often.

    She passed away a long time ago, but Elizabeth Mansfield (pen name for Paula Schwartz) was in the Heyer vein.

    McNaught is wonderful. ITA with Cathy Maxwell and Mary Jo Putney. I like most of Mary Balogh's books, Victoria Alexander, Julia Quinn for historicals. For contemporary I love Susan Mallery, Susan Andersen, Carly Phillips, Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I remember when Sandra Brown, Tami Hoag and others began their careers in the category romances from Harlequin. They wrote some great stuff.
  7. I am addicted to romance novels! Can't believe I didn't see this thread before! lol They're my ultimate guilty pleasure you can just pass a whole day reading them, sometimes if it's raining I'm like "Oh...that's too bad...guess it's romance novels time!" :P I used to only read historical romances, I refused to read modern ones but lemme tell ya ladies, what got me to branch out was Karen Moning, I LOVE her books, especially her Fever series, I may or may not have a t-shirt and mug from it...:angel: Her Highlander series is great too I just love her style. Highly recommended! It's always been a thought of mine that when I'm an old retired lady I'll take to writing romance novels I think that'd be such a fun thing to do
  8. Great thread! I've been reading romance books since school also. I started with Johanna Lindsey; some of her books are such classic romance. These days I prefer my romance with a bit of an edge e.g. vampire romance such as J R Ward, or just straight out erotica.

    My favourite authors over the years:

    Brenda Joyce (earlier is better... some of these books are sadly politically incorrect these days)
    Anna Campbell (a bit edgy)
    Judith McNaught (amazing books)
    Lisa Kleypas (I find her hit and miss though)
    Julia Quinn (earlier books)
    Kathleen Woodiwiss (Shanna is one of the best romance novels of all time)
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips (contemporary romance which is not my usual preference but some of her novels are fantastic)
    Gaelen Foley (The Duke is the best one... she has gone off the boil more recently)
    Emma Holly (well, probably more erotica than romance)
    Karen Robards
    Pamela Clare (she writes historical and contemporary)
    Rachel Gibson (really cute and fluffy contemporary romance)

    That's all I can remember off the top of my head, but I could talk romance novels all day long (sadly)!
  9. Soo true! I started out with contemporary (Lavyrle Spencer, Danielle Steele, etc, but I love the Georgian and especially the Regency period. I will have to give your author a try.

    I suggest you ladies check out this site... I've been thinking about becoming a book reviewer for them. (site down on my end)

    But they have a list of Keepers, Dessert Isle Books and they do reviews on the majority of books that come out.

    100 top books

    Favorite books by favorite Authors

    Reviews by type:

    **They are in the process of updating their site...
  10. I just recently heard about the likesbooks site and thought it has the potential for helping a reader find their favorite plotlines, genres, etc.

    Over the years it's so interesting how romances have changed. Decades ago I remember reading a Harlequin with a divorced woman and it was so unusual for the heroine not to be a virgin! Anne Mather broke some barriers with her early books for Harlequin.

    The historicals really had a lot of non-PC stuff in them years ago. What irritates me now is when I read a historical and the dialogue is too modern, not at all the way I believe they would've spoken back in 1815.

    Writers go through good and bad phases. Stephanie Laurens used to be a favorite but I find her current books to be very hard to get through. Sandra Marton (Harlequin Presents) has gotten lazy. Her books all used to be 4.5 stars; now they seem to be pretty much the same boring formula.

    McNaught's Whitney, My Love is considered by many to be the best historical romance ever written.
  11. My Aunt introduced me to Beverly Jenkins about 2 yrs ago and
    I fell in love w/ many of her romance novels and since then I've
    been discovering other authors throughout the genre.
  12. Agree that Whitney, My Love is wonderful. I have reread that book so many times! Lisa Kleypas's Dreaming of You is also one of my favourites; my copy is looking very weatherbeaten these days!

    Those lists remind me of all the romances I've read over the years that I'd forgotten, particularly from Julie Garwood, LaVyrle Spencer and Amanda Quick. I'd also forgotten how magical Laura Kinsale's Flowers from the Storm is.

    Almost of all Kathleen Woodiwiss's novels are winners, except for the last one. The one with the Beauty & the Beast plot was memorable (unfortunately not memorable enough for me to recall the name, however :P ).

    Ooh speaking of politically incorrect, Virgina Henley! I used to LOVE her books. Grand historical adventures. Very 80s and early 90s style though.

    And I have to recommend Lisa Valdez's Passion! Has anyone read this? It's more historical smut than romance but is still oddly emotional and captivating. Again, one of my favourites. I have the second book from Lisa Valdez but I'm too scared to read it as the reviews indicate it's a real stinker.
  13. Lisa Kleypas Where Dreams Begin is great also.

    From that top 100 list I found Flowers from the Storm. Loved it. I'm now reading The Shadow and the Star.

    How could I not praise Mary Balogh. Love her newest series.

    The Harlequins I read in like a day or a few hours if it's really good. The larer ones I can read in 1-2 days if really good!

    ETA: that first on on the list by Loretta Chase, Lord of Scoundrels is really good also.
  14. I agree with boxermom about Whitney, My Love... it's wonderful. I knew a woman who loved the book so much she named her daughter Whitney.

    I love LaVryle Spencer's historicals... Morning Glory and November of the Heart are my favorites. Her contemporary romances are okay. I'm sad that she retired from writing.

    Someone mentioned Pamela Clare... her novels are great! I've met her several times and she is one of the nicest people... LOVES talking with fans!
  15. I love Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood ! Glad I'm not the only one reading 'em ! Hehe