Any Romance book readers here on tPF

  1. I read some parts of Effortless, but I still need a stronger Heroine character and at least someone I don't want to smack upside down :smile:

    I don't read much romance novels and I'm guessing I'm quite picky. I don't want any paranormal. I read three of the Black Dagger brotherhood books but found them pretty boring. I also prefer Adults before YA.

    I just looked at The Marriage Bargain but when on the first side she describes making a "Love Potion" I think I'm gonna have to stay away.
  2. Girl.... we have the same reading style. ;) I have tried reading Black Dagger and just haven't gotten into them.

    Marriage Bargain is pretty good. The "Love Potion" part is only the beginning and actually does not refer back to it again until the very end. In fact, I had forgotten all about that part until you had mentioned it.

    Okay... this is making me think I've been reading wayyyyy to much lately.:graucho:
  3. That's good to here. I continue reading then :smile:
    Just because you mention it I now have Love unscripted too.
    Please let me know if you find more.
  4. There are 2 Marriage Bargains for Kindle. Which author please?
  5. Jennifer Probst
  6. Thanks :smile:
  7. I finished Marriage Bargains so I'm gonna start Love Unscripted now. Did you start it yet? If so, are you liking it?
  8. What did you think of Marriage Bargain? I am still ready Love Unscripted and really like it!!!
  9. Marriage Bargain wasn't bad. I haven't read much in Love Unscripted though. I'm on vacation in Paris right now, not that much time to read.
  10. I've read about 1/3 of Love Unscripted but I'm not feeling it. Its dragging out...
    does it get better?
  11. No... it drags the whole book... but I love the detailed romance of it. I'm a sap. :biggrin:
  12. I really liked Love Unscripted. I didn't care for The Marriage Bargain. I loved Easy.
  13. Haha .. apperantly I'm not. I din't like this book, mostly because I thought it was way to long and second because I have a hard time with such insecure women. She started out fine but then .. I don't know. I know there has to be some drama and angst in a book but why does it always have to be some misunderstanding. Talk to each other people, talk! ;)

    admat97 Which one is Easy?
  14. I read Playing for Keeps recently. I don't even now where to begin with this. Must be the silliest book I've read.
  15. I LOVED Easy too!