Antique Peranakan Jewellery

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  1. very some photos of the items in use next time...TQ and a happy CNY.
  2. Hi all Intan lovers, I m new to this....but I really like the pieces that was shown..especially taiqi's necklace. Real beauty & must have cost a bomb even if its reasonable....
  3. Hi Peter, I cant help but noticed that u r quite well versed of Spore's Intan jewellery even though u r staying in Sarawak. I m impressed. When I was looking to buy an intan bracelet, i did a search & saw some pictures taken from a shop in Sarawak. So many beautiful tempted to fly there to take a look hahaha...
  4. Hi Nyonya Lyn,
    Glad you like my Intan Necklace, I look around many shops for Intan Jewellery,
    and happen to find this shop , I finally find the design I am looking for, they really
    have a wide selections !
    You are looking for Intan bracelet, this shop too have a wide selections of
    Intan braceet, you might find one you like
  5. Lyn, it is so easy and cheap to come to kuching these days...Airasia and Tiger Air flights are cheap when you booked in advance....and the cost of the jewelery???? you wont regret.hihi
  6. Hi Peter...Tks for the info but u know la ah being a woman...the more I see the more I may want to buy hahaha. Mayb one day I may reach there & u can help to bring me around, lol:graucho:
  7. Hi Taiqi... ah yo I know they have a wide selection but I bought mine recently, in a pawnshop..... :blush:. Anyway, my budget is not that much hahaha...
  8. OK..... no problem!!!!
  9. Peter, r u peranakan? I m simply u speak the peranakan language at home? Now it's not easy to find people to converse with as when i was growing up in melaka.:sad:
  10. No, not peranakan but i have a lot of peranakan exposure from my extended families...
  11. That is really amazing....some peranakan I know don't even bother with their heritage. It is really good to know non peranakan can be so well versed on my culture. Anyway it is a dying trend...I think my generation will be the last to follow. Most of the peranakan's I know married a non me hahaha. I m now trying to pass on my culture to my children by telling them more & speaking the language to them like my parents used to do...
  12. sorry to take so long!! :P here it is, do you think i have been SUCKERED BIG TIME by that UPSTAIRS shop at TANGLIN SHOPPING CENTRE?

    to refresh your memory, they are silver, cast and modern repro (because i can feel rough edges all over and they have loops at the tips of the first and last piece, they should not be there right?), low grade emeralds.

    i paid SG $1500 (sigh....)

    judging from the flow and lines of design, this is probably made from a cast of genuine antique kerosang.

    (so sorry for the blurry pics! i don't know what else to do i have tried everything... )


  13. did you get something from them...?? do tell
    i hope you were more cautious with them that i had been in jan 2010.
  15. Hi Bagpunk.

    Sorry to know about your purchase...... Thanks for sharing with us your experience...
    Well ,we learn from mistake...
    So all Intan lovers everyone have to be very careful when we make our purchases
    Keep going.....