Antique Peranakan Jewellery

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  1. Does anyone here know where I can go to buy/custom-make Peranakan jewellery? For those living outside Asia, Peranakans are the Straits born Chinese who live in Malaysia, Singapore etc.

    The women wear intricate gold jewellery scattered liberally with rose cut diamonds.

    My in-laws are Peranakans and their 40th anniversary is coming up. DH and I were hoping to get my MIL a set of jewellery but we're having heaps of trouble finding a proper jeweller (as opposed to tourist shops selling a small piece with tiny diamonds for tons of money)!
  2. I have been trying to find them myself. I don't think there are any jewelers that specialise in making peranakan jewelry. I think you can look up some designs off peranakan books and get any jeweler to custom make it for you. I would recommend Canary Diamonds at Delphi Orchard (if you live in Singapore). Please let me know if you do find a jeweler that specialises in perankan jewelry.
  3. There is a shop in Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur that sells antique Peranakan jewelry - it's on the top floor - the side of the shop is faces Zang Toi's boutique
  4. simplysplendid: I AM in Singapore, and Canary is my usual jeweller! What a coincidence! They have great prices for stones eh? I never thought they would be able to customise peranakan jewellery with its intricate design though. Will pay them a visit soon.
  5. Thanks krystl! Will check this out the next time I visit KL.
  6. What a coincidence! They are my usual jeweler too! Who do you go to usually - Mr Lam or Bonne? I think they can do it, they can do very intricate art deco designs so I think peranakan pieces shouldn't be a challenge. I think it's worth checking out..
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    You can try a shop on the ground floor of Tanglin Shopping Centre for antique pieces, prices are a little steep but the pieces are great. If I am not wrong the old pieces have the facets done on both the front and back, the workmanship should be very fine. I am part Peranakan and own some heirloom pieces. You might also want to try the antique shops in Malacca. I can ask around, I know some friends who have had new pieces made up using modern brilliant cut diamonds, the look will then be diffirent and more glittery. You and your DH have hit on a great gift idea!
  8. Foundation Jewellers in basement of of Holiday Inn Parkview Singapore still has access to peranakan craftsman. The other place is Impressions Jewellery at Siglap Centre.
  9. Hi there,

    Just wondering any fellow non-Chinese speaking Baba here?

    So far, have not met any in Singapore..Help need which is the best shop to shopping jewelery in singapore?
  10. :useless:

    Ok, perhaps i'm going overboard. I mean, this thread was intended for people who know what real Peranakan jewelry looks like.
    I don't, and i want to. I tried doing an image search - but how do I trust what I see?

    Please share pictures?
  11. Thank you so very much...

    I think I found another type of jewelry to fall in love with. (Now, to find an excuse to go to Singapore...)
  12. i think it should be readily available in malacca (malaysia) too :smile:
  13. Hi Silvercharms

    I'm as you put it a non-chinese speaking Nonya...What kind of jewellery are you looking for? Peranakan jewellery are hard to come by nowadays and with the gold price so high pretty expensive. I've been collecting peranakan jewellery for the past 10 yrs and its getting harder to come by nowadays. If you want new pieces Foundation Jewellers make the best but set in diamonds instead of intan.