Antique Peranakan Jewellery

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  1. SpaPeter, I may be going Kuching mid-Dec. May I know how to find this shop? It looks very interesting! I don't think we have such a shop in Singapore selling such wide range of Intan Jewellery. I inherited some from my old folks and hope to collect more pieces... :smile: Thanks!
  2. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
  3. Check your message box...
  4. Yess, there is this shop in Chinatown area(along South Bridge Road, opp Fook Hai Building) that sells a wide selection of the Intan Jewellery. Maybe you can look back
    to the past forum in which I posted some Intan Jewellery that I bought from the shop.
  5. Dear Nonyas and Babas who love Peranakan jewellery out there! I'm new to Purse Forum and found this thread by accident when I googled "Peranakan Jewellery". This thread has some very useful information and not simply idle chatter. I'm a Singapore Baba who always felt proud of my Peranakan roots. As I love all things old that qualifies as "Fine Art" (ie artistic, excellent workmanship and scarce), I first bought a few pieces of Peranakan jewellry in the nineties. But I stopped there moving on instead to Chinese antiques and other collectibles before coming back recently to Peranakan jewellery in the last two years.

    As this is an old thread, I will appreciate if you could post a reply and thus resurrect this thread. I've just signed up to this Forum so I'm unsure if this thread is still active. There are a few things that I would like to share and also solicit your input on all things Peranakan jewellery!
  6. I recently joined a Facebook Group which sells authentic Peranakan antiques, including intan jewellery.
    You may want to see what they have for sale. It is a "closed group", so you may want to request to join the group to be able to view their items.
  7. Dear Bunga-Telang,

    Many thanks for your Facebook lead. Believe me when I say that I still do not have a Facebook account. I'll probably join soon just to get connected to an elusive group of Peranakan jewellery collectors.
  8. I am gg to Malacca next week. Wld like to buy a peranakan kana ring. Can anybody recommend me a jewellery shop with reasonable pricing?
  9. Hi,

    I have just join in too and also did a search for peranakan jewelry. Is this forum still active? Thanks
  10. Hi,

    Can I know the name of the shop in Kuching as might be going there in 2015. Many thanks.
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    Just stumbled on a few shops selling some nice pieces... prices have gone through the roof....and the best pieces were gone long ago

    It is an irony ...if the pieces were to be cheap they would have vanished long ago... the ones left are either EXPENSIVE or the owners have special attachment and they are not interested in the money. So a double whammy for people like us who deal with the shops but some of the pieces are really beautiful!!!

    My nieces came back for a holiday from Aussieland and we went window shopping in an old part of the city in Kuching..... Stumbled upon some nice pieces..bought some too...the "cheaper" ones with inprefections in them ...
  12. Kim...that shop is no more there...was told that they had some problems with bad hats as it was a notorious area of town... but i stumbled upon some smaller family shops who still have pieces worth looking at.... message me if you are coming...
  13. Spapeter,

    Stumbled upon this thread while looking for peranakan jewelry. Am now in Kuching for Cny holidays. May I know where the shops are located as I am interested to view it.

    Thanks in advance.
  14. China Street....This is a small stretch of shops...there are 6 or 7 goldsmiths there so no problem looking at all of them...Share pictures of your purchases if you buy something there..Happy CNY
  15. Hi
    I have just join in too and like to share with u . I just bought my Intan earring from the shop Taiqi mention at south bridge road.